Javier Colon is the winner of The Voice Season 1, but there were no losers on The Voice. Everyone involved in this epic new reality competition on NBC is a winner. From the producers, director, DP, editors, Carson Daly, Cristina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, the finalists….to the live audience members in attendance and home viewers. Everybody wins, but Charlie Sheen and maybe American Idol.

The Voice is everything that American Idol is not and wishes it could be. The judges are not just judges, but are coaches guiding these raw talents through the journey of self discovery and go from coach to friends in no time at all.

Cee Lo Green,

Cristina Aguilera,

Adam Levine,

and Blake Shelton are famous names with famous faces that most people couldn’t identify with, on a personal level, until they were humanized on The Voice and came into our homes.

The warmth and comradery from this show is what’s missing from so many other shows, with Talent in the title, on TV; and those other of America’s Talent shows can learn a few things from The Voice on NBC. Sure the freaks of society are good for television, but we want to see the truly talented and inspiring. Not the people you want to laugh at.

As a music lover it is disappointing turning on the radio these days and hearing rock song covered by artists in hip hop, pop, rock, and now country too.

The Voice is putting original spins on timeless and classic songs from the past, but above and beyond that they are creating original songs for their finalists to be judged on and they are very good. The contestants were aloud to play some of their favorite instruments through out the show and it was Cee Lo Green who publicly applauded the show for that very thing. Yes, Cee Lo, I agree. It is nice to see musicians and not just singers, but to showcase those multitalented artists that have been working hard at honing their craft. It may sound like I am knocking singers or other singing shows and I am and I am not at the same time. Each show has it’s own identity and is it’s own experience, but I can go to any bar and find karaoke going on any day of the week. I want to see musicianship. Not somebody singing the same old song.

Down the Road Show is about stories on a human level with Positivity. We applaud NBC’s The Voice for it’s uplifting program and innovative thinking on a social level. They went far beyond what any other TV show has to include the public in the experience of the show and made them a big part of it through social media networking hosted by Alison Haislip fielding questions from Twitter and Facebook live.

Alison did a wonderful job as the Social Media connection to The Voice’s Contestants and provided lots of great behind the scenes material for the fans of the show to view in her network.

Carson Daly was a great host for The Voice and it had a very old school TRL kind of energy about it that Carson even acknowledged himself. Carson Daly is very personable and is a perfect fit as the host.

The Voice on NBC is a big hit and deservingly so. It is now my favorite Reality Contest on TV. See you in my home soon. Sing it Season 2 of The Voice on NBC!

K.C. Murdock
Executive Producer
Down the Road Show

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