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Rascal Flatts “Changed” album review

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"Banjo" is a hillbilly jam that rocks and gets down, but only if you have four wheel drive and a banjo. These are my favorite kind of backwoods parties. "Gotta get lost" "Till you hear a banjo" I love watching Steve...

“Madden 13″ from EA Sports: The Infinity Engine preview

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I know, I know. I said this. But in the few games I've run of the PS3 demo for Madden 13, I must say the Infinity Engine is the real deal and the first true innovation in the franchise in a long time. I asked my bro...

Music Review: Kenny Chesney “Welcome to the Fishbowl”

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"Come Over" is the second single released from this album. Familiar lyrics to a slow song that sound way to familiar. We all have that person we wished would just come over because we don't want to be alone tonight....

Music Review: Zac Brown Band “Uncaged”

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"Jump Right In" is that high energy Caribbean Country flair style that I love about Zac Brown band. I was singing Jump Right In the first time I heard this song. You will too. It's a great song and great way to star...

Worst TV Show of 2012: “The Finder”

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It's pretty bad. All due respect to the hard working people that produce "The Finder" but this is not good at all. Major Walter Sherman, USA (Ret.) is a wounded veteran of Army Intelligence with a nigh mystical abil...

“Avengers vs X-Men” #1 from Marvel Comics

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The Phoenix Force has reappeared and it's headed for Earth. There are two schools of thought. Avengers: It's a terrible destructive force with a history of planet annihilation and it needs to be stopped. X-Men...

Tremonti Gives Us All He Is With Solo Record “All I Was”

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Mark Tremonti is best known as the lead guitar player for the bands Alter Bridge and Creed. He also regarded as one of the best guitar players in active rock, and some even say he is the best guitar player of this...

Little Kansas Girl Grows Big In California “Melissa Etheridge”

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Melissa Etheridge at Pacific Amphitheatre   Last year I reviewed Melissa Etheridge in concert and before her performance she had a meet & greet with some lucky fans that won the opportunity through he...

“Game of Thrones” Season 2, Episode 7

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"A Man Without Honor" *SPOILERS AHEAD* Theon wakes up furious to discover the little Stark's have been spirited away by Osha, his Wildling bedmate. He's got to get them back or he'll be an even bigger laughing...

“Comic Book Junkie” #1 by George Chase and Lance Sawyer

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Meet Jim. He's a comic book dealer in the 90's with a pair of very interesting and hardcore buddies. Someone has stolen Jim's stash before the convention and along with pals, Paul and John, he's come to get it bac...

Maximize The Avengers with IMAX

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So I reserve the right to change my mind at any time!!!! Forget the rest and just go to IMAX...this is how this movie was meant to be seen. IMAX 3D has everything you want in a movie. Ground shaking sound effec...

“Game of Thrones” Season 2, Episode 6

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  "The Old Gods and The New" *SPOILERS AHEAD* Theon Greyjoy has come back to Winterfell and he's in full douchebag mode. When he convinces Bran that resisting his takeover will cost lives, Bran hits ...

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