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Peter Panzerfaust has C2E2 Hooked

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ANNOUNCEMENT: We are proud to announce that Down the Road Show will be moderating the Peter Panzerfaust panel at C2E2 on Saturday April 27th 2013. The panel is slotted from 3:15 - 4:15 in room W470b and promises to...

So You Wanna Be a Writer / Director

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Starting with "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" the movie industry at large has become increasingly gun shy about making movies from "unknown" writers and directors.  The reason for this is simple.  Your idea ...

Everyone at the AMAs is talking about PINK!

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  All weekend in the inner most workings of the 40th American Music Awards everyone's talking about.....PINK! And well deserved too. (It's a blog get over the grammar) P!NK has already set her self a...

Eric Church “Chief” album review

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  "Creepin" is a ruckus in song form. Which sets the tone for the entire album. Eric Church's vocals start off in the distance and builds with the song till its out front where it belongs. The guitars are ...

Little Big Town “Tornado” Album Review

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"Pavement Ends" is a countrified song and if you haven't lived in the country you may not get it. Living in Southern California again...I get it. Gotta get out of town and have some fun in mother nature with your fr...

Down the Road #HAIRDRIVE for Locks of Love

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What is Locks of Love? Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medi...

“Southern Nightgown” 2012 SDCC Preview Edition.

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  JP Roth and Aggressive Comix gave fans a sneak-peek into her latest series "Southern Nightgown" with a special preview edition at the 2012 SDCC. You can still get one here if you weren't in San Diego ove...

JP Roth’s “Ancient Dreams” #0

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  As if full blown from the brow of Zeus, "Ancient Dreams" #0 comes at the reader a complete entity from the fertile clay of its creator, JP Roth's, imagination. Roth is the driving creative force behind t...

“What the Hell is a Lemzilla?”

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Who he is. What he does. Everybody's a critic. We all judge people, places and things every minute of every day. We decide who we hang with, where we go and what we buy based on our own internal criteria and em...

Meet Dustin Dorough, Hospital Hero.

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Dustin Dorough is not normal. Heroes rarely are. The 25 year-old actor and budding humanitarian has set an ambitious goal: To travel the 48 continental United States and 2 provinces of Canada and visit at least on...

Concert Review: Country Bieber nor Country Mayer….Hunter Hayes is Hunter Hayes

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  Girls start screaming and running towards the stage as Hunter Hayes steps into the spot light and counts the band in with his acoustic guitar in hand. 1 2 3 and just like that music fills the air as the ...

Music Review: Jason Charles Miller “Natural Born Killer”

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  "Devil's Whisky" is a great introduction to the album and first time listener of Jason Charles Miller. It kicks off fast and shows you quickly how country music can rock your socks off.."All Night Long!" R...

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