NBC’s Undateable LIVE is unpredictably funny as F@&$!

Written by Ken Murdock

NBC’s Undateable LIVE is unpredictably funny as fuck and if you aren’t watching this then you are just a stupid shit-head. I only mostly mean that. Okay all the way mean that. Don’t be an idiot and watch this show. Wait…..What?!!  This is the first you are hearing of it? Then you missed many man on man awkward kisses including one with a BACKSTREET BOYS. Yes, the heart throb boy band that all your ex-girlfriends obsessed over.

One of the fun things about Undateable LIVE this season was their live bands. Featuring musicians you may have never heard of before like Nico & Vinz, Kodaline, and Charlie Puth  OR the mega cool Meghan Trainor, Backstreet Boys, and Weezer. However, what makes this new format stupidly awesome, in it’s THIRD season, is that they are not just filming this in front of a live studio audience, but they are now broadcasting LIVE on NBC Friday Nights from Warner Brothers Studio.



After the first season I was surprised it got picked up for a second season, but then the cast really found their groove with the writing. After the second season ended I was very happy to hear that it was renewed for a third season. Too my surprise this season came back swinging for the fences and thanks to the creatives behind it the LIVE Season was their best so far.

With Bill Lawrence and Adam Sztykiel (creator/writer) at the creative helm giving great material for the cast to jump off from, and they jump off script a lot every week, the show has morphed into something long forgotten in Hollywood TV. IMPROV! This show reminds me of The Carol Burnett Show and so many great skit comedy shows from my childhood. Every other skit was ruined with laughter from so much great improvisation from great comedians. UNDATEABLE LIVE has now taken on that mantle. With comedians Chris D’Elia (Danny) and Brent Morin (Justin) playing the odd couple best friends that are constantly bickering like brothers, but unpredictably going off script to purposely mess each other up with laughter or actually make fun of each others careers. It doesn’t stop there though. Any cast members career or personal life is available for a quick joke at the end of a scene or a running gag. Like the time Brent Morin gave out Chris D’Elia’s personal cell phone number on live TV and fans were calling him and texting him through out the entire show. This season also had some great cameo guests, Bill Lawrence’s friends, like cast members from Scrubs and Cougar Town — including Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn and Christa Miller — as well Nickelodeon starlet Victoria Justice, Scandal‘s Scott Foley, About a Boy‘s Minnie Driver, Loveline hosts Drew Pinksey and Mike Catherwood and the talented Ed Sheeran. Even the guest cameos didn’t pull their punches and took some shots at the crew. Then things got really crazy when Chris was reunited with Whitney Cummings from their show Whitney. Coming in she immediately spiced up the show as the crazy love interest from Danny’s past and even took some quick shots at their show being canceled like Whitney was or calling out Chris for not sleeping with her in real life a week after he admitted on air that was a regret of his LOL.

The funny sex pot Bianca Kajlich (Rules of Engagement) plays Danny’s sister Leslie who is the unattainable love interest of Burski played by the hilarious Rick Glassman (The Sixth Lead).  Bridgit Mendler (Good Luck Charlie) plays Candace the love interest of Justin with a special Season 3 ending. Ron Funches (Kroll Show) plays Shelly the lovable pot smoker that always thinks about sex & wrestling with some of the best one liners. David Fynn (Big Bad World) plays Brett the gay British bartender that never stops delivering the laughs.

This cast has found something special together and Undateable Live has become one of my favorite go to show on network television. All of them are very funny and you can tell they have become good friends during filming, but none of them can wait to catch the others off guard and love calling each other out when a line was forgotten or they have just completely derailed off the tracks……..which is my favorite part.

Hopefully NBC Universal will see good reason to grant them a SEASON 4, because I see lots of good reasons for another season.


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