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Batman V Superman: Not Super Shitty but Not Bat-tastic

Written by Ken Murdock

SPOILERS if you have not seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice yet then you may want to stop reading this right now.

As an avid SUPERMAN fan I had less than high hopes for Batman V Superman after my disappointment in Superman Returns and Man of Steel movies; and I have done everything I could not to get my hopes up or get too involved in online discussions. Since I will be at WonderCon all weekend there was no way I was spending the weekend with my nerd friends avoiding conversations about Dawn of Justice.

Went to the Regal IMAX first showing at the Irvine Spectrum in Orange County California. It was a packed house full of nerds and their friends. The previews started and the X-Men trailer and Civil War movies got everybody excited and in the mood for some action with our favorite heroes. (Spiderman looked awesome all CGI on the IMAX)

After making it through the opening sequences the movie stopped abruptly because Regal had realized that they were not projecting it in 3D. Which was annoying as hell, but they fixed the problem.

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B v S

The cinematography was stunning in the opening sequence as we watch poor young Master Bruce witness his parents death in an alley. The 3D really added to the drama of the moment and then Bruce falls down an old hole finding bats blah blah blah. The first 15 minutes of the movie is all about setting up Bruce’s anger towards Superman. It definitely dragged on and could have wrapped up quicker than it did, but now we all get it…..he hates Superman.

Superman has to save Lois Lane, again, from some terrorists and everything goes wrong. Everybody dies and Superman is blamed. Now the government doesn’t trust Superman either and it’s all part of the master mind plans of the greatest Villain of our time……Lex Luther. Okay, I like Jesse Eisenberg in most everything I have seen him, but this version of LEX fucking sucks. Sure he is smart and a psychotic sarcastic narcissist, but he lacked the subtle charm and charisma that the character needs to be my Lex Luther. Oh yay!! (Sarcastic Yay) You gave him long hair that they shave off in prison at the end of the movie rendering him bald. Fuck You this is not good enough to be the villain that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman deserve. Doomsday was however.

Doomsday was pretty damn cool. As the fight progresses he gets more bad ass and bigger and badder. I really liked the way the started him off as kind of plain, and then he slowly morphed into the jagged rough skinned creature of death. He was menacing and powerful. The fight scene with him against Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman was epic. It was everything you want it to be in a super hero movie, and ends much like the comic books with the death of Superman. (Can’t believe they killed Superman, but at least they wont fuck up the Superman franchise with more shitty movies………was my exact thoughts.)

Yes this movie has Wonder Woman in it and the audience loved Gal Gadot. She was in the movie more than I expected her to be and it all worked and made sense. Seeing her in the outfit made it that much more real and she is Wonder Woman. She even broke out the Lasso which made me swoon a little bit. Okay, I swooned a fucking lot. I really enjoyed her performance in this movie and can’t wait to see what she does with her own movie.

Henry Cavill put on even more weight for this movie and is looking very Superman-ish. He has definitely settled into that role and I have come to enjoy Man of Steel more since my first theater experience. It was good to see him question his own place in our world and how a good man stays good against unsurmountable odds.

Ben Affleck is Batfleck and Kevin Smith was right all along. He was pretty cool. It is hard to deny once he wears the Batsuit and start kicking bad guy’s asses. We all love watching Batman just brawl it out with henchmen and this movie does not disappoint there. The fighting was well choreographed and it was brutal. Wayne takes a licking but keeps on ticking. The new Batmobile was tough like a tank but more maneuverable than past vehicles plus all the great gadgets that make him Batman. The Batjet was crazy cool with a unique looking design and lots of fire power. The movie was full of great Bat-tech and this felt much more like a Batman movie than it was a Superman movie. Which will make some of you very happy.

Scene Stealers

Batman VS Superman fight was cool, but at one point Superman gets his strength back and as Batman is punching him in the face the sound of metal on metal intensifies till Batman practically breaks his hand on Superman’s jaw. That was good stuff.

Jason Momoa shows up briefly as Aquaman and the crowd gave him a round of applause. He did look cool. They also showed the creation of Cyborg (meh) and The Flash stopping a robbery (Kinda Cool). Setting up the Justice League, but we will see what kind of black lash that movie production faces after BvS.

Jeremy Irons plays Alfred and he was amazing. As if I didn’t already love his acting. He steals every scene with Afleck. His short quips and jabs at Bruce’s expense are perfect. He shows caring love that only a life long partner in heroism could display with just the right amount of malcontent towards the past versus the present and the choices that have led them there. He was a great part of the film.

Lawerence Fishburne plays Perry White and had some of the best lines of the movie. Dropping all kinds of nerd language that will make you laugh and brings you into the DC Universe. He is the hard nosed newspaper editor that takes no shit, but has a heart of gold. His timing was impeccable with his observations and he made it feel like you were watching a DC film. Thank you Morpheus.

However, it’s pretty sad that in a movie with arguably the 3 greatest heroes ever (Especially in DC) that I was more enthralled in the performance of secondary characters then I was from our heroes. It left me feeling kind of blah about the whole movie.

Now I will let the other reviewers pick apart the Nerdism of the movie and why certain things would never happen like that or this or that or whatever. This movie was made for the masses and everyone; and was definitely not made for the comic book reading nerds. (I felt anyway) As a movie it was entertaining and that is always the objective. As a fan of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the DC Universe it left me with one final thought.

Thank you MARVEL for everything and I mean everything!!!!

At this rate DC will never ever catch up to it’s competition.

This was not as Super Shitty as I was expecting but it wasn’t exactly Bat-tastic.

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