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Team Ninja Warrior on Esquire Network is high adrenaline entertainment

Written by Ken Murdock

TEAM NINJA WARRIOR starts Tuesday January 19th 2016 8/7c time on the Esquire Network.

If you love sports, outdoor activities, competition, and are already a fan of American Ninja Warrior then get your DVR’s ready for the spin off series that has twice the adrenaline as the original. We were at the taping of this epic show down of athleticism and this was very intense to watch live. All your favorite Ninja course competitors have now been formed into teams of 3 under 1 leader. 2 men and 1 woman per team. It is a point system advancing the teams to the finale between 2 teams. You will have to watch to find out who wins cause I’m not telling. This unique course was set up in an industrial area and these athletes worked hard for days competing against each other in an all new way.

Being there in person was an amazing experience to see the comradery between these friends. Yes, they may be competing against each other but the support they show one another is like nothing I have seen before. They openly shared course strategy in between running the course.

Our favorite announcer are back to call all the action and it was a pleasure to meet Akbar Gbajabiamila and Matt Iseman in person. These guys are really funny together with their off camera antics. They had me laughing a lot.

New comer to the show Alex Curry was great doing the post race interviews with the Ninjas and you will see me cheering them on in the background several times. You definitely already know Alex Curry if you are an Angels Baseball fan and she was very sweet to take a photo with this ROYALS fan. (Yay World Champion ROYALS!)

Joe Moravsky, aka The Weatherman, was the first person I met on set and explained the new show to me and how the scoring would advance teams through to the Finale, but I will let the show explain that. He was also awesome to watch with his young fans. Very nice guy.

The teams for the show are listed below:

  • Ronin: Flip Rodriguez (Team Captain), JJ Woods, and Tiana Webberly.
  • Karsonic Boom: Karson Voiles (Team Captain), Brandon Berrett, and Beth Higginbotham
  • Think Tank: Noah Kaufman (Team Captain), Matt Wilder, and Asya Grechka
  • Wild Bunch: Lance Pekus (Team Captain), Ben Melick, Rose Wetzel
  • Alpha: Brent Steffensen (Team Captain), Evan Dollard, Kacy Catanzaro
  • Stratisfaction: Ryan Stratis (Team Captain), Grace Jones, and Mike Bernardo
  • Expendabulls: Kevin Bull (Team Captain), Alan Connealy, and Luci Romberg
  • Tre’s Amigoz: Tremayne Dortch (Team Captain), Andy Lowes, and Cassandra Dortch
  • Midoryama: Ian Dory (Team Captain), Dan Yager, and Meagan Martin
  • Towers Of Power: Brandon Mears (Team Captain), Dan Polizzi, Selena Laniel
  • Golden Hearts: Neil Craver (Team Captain), Grant McCartney, and Natalie Duran
  • Nor Cal Ninjas: David Campbell (Team Captain), Sean Noble, and Rachel Mulvaney
  • Storm Team Moravsky: Joe Moravsky (Team Captain), Rob Moravsky, and Marybeth Wang
  • The Average Jojo’s: Jojo Bynum (Team Captain), James Bogle Jr, and Caitlin Shukwit
  • G-Force: Jessie Graff (Team Captain), Nicholas Coolridge, Travis Brewer
  • TEAM TNT: Travis Rosen (Team Captain), Adam Arnold, and Joyce Shahboz
  • The Real Life Beasts: Drew Drechsel (Team Captain), James Mcgrath, and Erica Cook
  • The InvincAbels: Abel Gonzalez (Team Captain), Nathan Jasso, and Jeri D’aurelio
  • The Rahn-Aways: Jamie Rahn (Team Captain), Adam Grossman, and Courtney Venuti
  • Party Time: Brian Arnold (Team Captain), Jake Murray, and Jennifer Tavernier
  • Team Brittens: Geoff Britten (Team Captain), Dustin McKinney, and Jessica Britten
  • Elet-Trikz: Elet Hall (Team Captain), Dillon Gates, and Cassie Craig
  • The Iron Grip: Sam Sann (Team Captain), Daniel Gil, and Richelle Hepler
  • The Lab Rats: Brian Wilczewski (Team Captain), Chris Wilczewski, Michelle Warnky

I know you are gonna enjoy this new show as much as I did and I can’t wait to watch it on Esquire Network. Check out my Instagram for more photos and give it a follow, because I will be posting more photos from the filming of the show after the episodes air. Good luck to all the NINJAS.


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