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Million Times NO to Labyrinth Reboot!!!!!

Written by Ken Murdock

The internet erupted today revealing that apparently Hell Has Froze Over with a Hollywood REBOOT/REMAKE of the cult classic 1986 LABYRINTH starring Jennifer Connelly (Sarah) and the recently deceased David Bowie (Jareth the Goblin King). Does this feel like cashing in on BOWIE’s DEATH or is it just me? Where was LABYRINTH 2 when the hard core fans where clamoring for one for years? The fan art poster circulating for years, that we used above as the thumbnail art for this post, would cause public outcry and speculation every time it was shared on social media.

Jennifer Connelly was on Jimmy Kimmel talking about the movie and Bowie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter there is a lot of secrecy to this project, but here is what we do know.

“TriStar has closed a deal with The Jim Henson Co. to produce a new iteration and has hired Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman to pen the script.”

“It is unclear if the new take is a reimagining of the story or a sequel, as it is being kept deep in the vault.”

“Lisa Henson of The Henson Co. will produce the project, which will be overseen at TriStar by Nicole Brown.”

“Sony, TriStar’s parent, had no comment on the development.”

Now, let me start off by saying that I have no issues with anyone or the companies involved with this. However, I do have a problem with this for few reasons. If it is a reboot or remake then that is offensive to the fans that spread the original Labyrinth around with friends on VHS making it become the cult classic it is today. If it is a sequel then that is also offensive to those same fans that have been begging for a sequel for forever now, but because in 1986 it tanked in the box office, only to become popular later, no one would take the risk on a sequel. A prequel might be a possibility too. We know how popular those are to fans. (Dripping with Sarcasm) Out of the 3 options, though, I would prefer a prequel. On the bright side The Jim Henson Company is involved and that means less CGI and lots of puppets. No matter how this is made or who writes it isn’t as important as the timing of this matter. This news a mere 2 weeks after Bowie’s passing and it just feels like cashing in on his name now. People always talk about Hollywood and their lack of unique material vs. the rehashing of what we’ve already seen. I get that remakes and reboots are easy for Hollywood to make, because they already own the rights to the subject matter. That leaves little risk vs. spending money and taking the chance on an unheard of project.

You can’t just capture lightning in a bottle like that again. A story by Jim Henson (Muppets creator) & Dennis Lee (Fraggle Rock) with screenplay by Terry Jones (Monty Python fame) and produced by George Lucas (Star Wars).

So the question remains will the new Labyrinth be a reboot/remake, sequel, or a prequel? Tell us how you feel about either of these choices in the comments below or on any of our Social Media.


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