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Jon Schnepp, May 16, 1967 – July 19, 2018

Written by Lem Utu

Jon Schnepp, a dear friend of Down The Road Show, passed away today at the age of 51 from complications of a severe stroke. I was introduced to him at Phoenix ComiCon in 2012 and he was always a smiling and jovial soul whenever we’d run into each other at subsequent cons. Always moving, flitting about like an enormous social butterfly at these events, he always had a warm handshake or hearty pat on the back for even the most casual acquaintance. He was someone I was always glad to see.

A celebrated producer, director and writer (as well as voice actor, editor, cartoonist and more, he was a human Swiss Army Knife), Jon is probably best known for his directorial work on “Metalocalypse” and for the documentary, “The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened”. The latter was a labor of love supported by his fans and well received by his audience. It’s a great inside look into how Hollywood makes the sausage and addressing the many rumors around this Tim Burton/Nicholas Cage movie that never got made. He was truly proud of this film.

We at Down The Road Show extend our deepest sympathies to his beloved partner, Holly and the rest of Jon’s loved ones on this very sad day. Jon Schnepp was a damn fine human and he will be missed by all that cared about him.

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