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Is Star Wars back? And Is The Force strong with JJ Abrams?

Written by Ken Murdock


Star Wars Force Awakens

This post will be as Spoiler Free as I can make it.

Star Wars is not simply a bunch of movies or toys, but is a way of life for many people with universal ideals to live by. The Force is strong in my family and my Dad took me to see it in the theater in 1977. It is still the first movie I can remember seeing in a theater and I have seen every Star Wars Episode that has been released in a theater since. Many more than once. I have not read the books, played all the games, Or watched the animated series  (Though I have actor friends voicing it so I need to.) but take my love of the Star Wars universe pretty serious. My Facebook feed has been filled with my Nerdy friends gushing over Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens with some that were disappointed in the film and only a few that absolutely hated it. I have been watching actor interviews and reading spoiler filled blogs to see what other points of views were on the new movie before giving mine.

I understand the disappointment and even hatred by some of the fans, but when my logic takes hold of me about the plot holes, the unexplained, and the scientific reasoning on why certain things wouldn’t work that way in any universe or the Star Wars U it is inevitably told to “SHUT THE HELL UP!” by the little kid in me that feels all the feels from this movie and nostalgia takes over as I become a kid again sitting in a dark theater with his Dad having his mind blown by this Space Opera.

Episode VII is very similar to Episode IV A New Hope in many ways from the beginning to end. To the point where Han Solo even points out that they have all done this before and this worked last time. But if you are like me then you can let all of that go and just enjoy this movie for what it is.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is an awesome adventure reminiscent of the original trilogy, that we love, setting up the franchise for future episodes into this great saga. The pacing of the movie is fun and never got boring for me. The new droid BB-8 totally stole the entire show in my opinion and as much as I hated it at first Trailer sight it is now my favorite part of the movie. The new characters are great, even if some of what they did or where they came from and how they ended up there was not explained, adding there own dynamics to the universe with some comedic timing that had me and the audience laughing. Daisy Ridley plays Rey and she is an awesome lead Female Hero that Hollywood should be trying harder to produce more of. Could they have explained more about her character for the fans……Hells Yes they could…… , but are most likely saving more for the next movie and her story arc. I can not wait to find out more about her past and who her family might be? John Boyega plays Fin the Stormtrooper turned good guy, but never really knowing where he fits in with the others. He was great in that role and had some great comedic moments that lend to the entire movie. Could we use more back story on him……Hells Yes we need it…… or hear from his own mouth why he became a traitor to the First Order (The New Empire) or be a bigger hero than he actually was? Yes to all of that and I know his character was a source of a sore spot with many friends that was not happy with the movie, but that is because of the writing and not the actor. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren is okay in his role, but no Darth Vader by any means and again can be blamed on the writing. Hopefully he gets a lot darker in the next movie to become the bad guy we will all love to hate…… Vader was. Those are big Dark Side boots to fill!!!!

However, most of you are going to watch this movie to see Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, and our favorite droid R2D2 with his annoying complaining side kick C3Po. Which will also be a source of bitterness for the fans once they have seen the movie. The actors are all at the appropriate age to play those characters now and it works out perfectly for the story. You will cheer, you will cry, you will scream, and you will be very angry by the end. And if I talk more about this it will be a spoiler which I will let @Lemzilla do all the angry Spoiler blogging for this. (Which I can’t wait to read)

J.J. Abrams has been accused of being a FANBOY Director and in this case I am totally happy that he is. He did a great job capturing my childhood in this film. His use of puppetry legitimizes the entire feel of the movie and gives it that grounding nostalgia that the Prequels sorely lacked. You can tell that he was trying to pay homage to the originals and give the fans what they wanted. The sets were huge and felt real. The scenes were shot beautifully and it is a gorgeous film. The CGI is tasteful. I got excited the first time they showed the Millenium Falcon and I screamed like a kid the first time they showed the X-Wings. Every shot with Han and Chewie had me giddy like a child and screaming at the IMAX. Yes, there was a quick cantina scene with music and thank god it was more like in A New Hope and not the remaking wanna be galaxy blues band crap that was in Return of the Jedi in Jabba’s Palace. I hated that SHIT!!!

So with this new entry into the universe of Star Wars people have been ranking them by episode from favorite to least favorite (or hated prequels) and so will I:  5,4,7,6,3,2, and 1 Phantom only makes the list because Ray Park is a bad ass in it and an awesome guy.

Yes, The Force Awakens edged out Return of the Jedi for me. So as much as I had some issues with it it still fits in my top of the list, because I will buy the BluRay and watch it a million times. As I always say, “I only ask one thing of entertainment…….entertain me!”

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is an entertaining adventure for old Star Wars fans like me and a whole new Younglings Generation that instantly turned me into a wide eyed little boy with dreams of being a Jedi saving the Galaxy from the Dark Side. Which is exactly how it should make you feel. All the FEELS! Thank you for that J.J. Abrams.

So to answer my Questions:

Is Star Wars Back? I gotta a good feeling about this……Damn right it is!

Is the Force strong with J.J. Abrams? Yes, Very strong indeed!


May the Force be with You!


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