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Golden Globes are the Drunkest Night in Hollywood

Written by Ken Murdock

The Golden Globes have become known as the drunkest night in Hollywood and 2013 was no exception to this label. Many people get confused by all the award shows and what they are for. The Golden Globes is put on by The Hollywood Foreign Press and gives out awards for film and television; and getting trashed. The after parties are some of the most exclusive parties of the year filled with A list celebs that don’t often get to hang out together. If this award show sounds more like a social function then an award show it’s because it kind of is. As you scan the celebs at the tables you can make all kinds of connections that have worked together on past projects. Makes 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon look like an easier game.

This year was co-hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I love them both. They are so funny and it’s great to see them reunited in this way. They set the tone of The Golden Globes with the very opening and you know this is going to be a funny night not to be taken too seriously.

During the Women in a Comedy segment, as they cut from awesome actress to the next, Amy played nonchalant to the camera and completely ignoring the award ceremony while sitting on George Clooney’s lap with convincing flirtations going back and forth. Had me rolling. Clooney is a good sport and hammed it up for the camera.

Sasha Baron Cohen takes the stage, with drink in hand, to make his nomination presentation in only the way he can…..and things get carried away after that. “Four months of voice lessons on Russell Crowe was money well spent.” he pokes at the fellow actor from Les Miserables.

Tina and Amy return to hosting with drinks now permanently in hand. “Sasha started it” was there attitude and they announce that it’s not just them,”Look how drunk Meryl Streep is!” The TV cuts to her with her eyes crossed, tongue out, and bobbing her head all over the place like she was Stevie Wonder. That’s funny.

Why was Taylor Swift there? Who knows. It’s Hollywood! Oh she was up for a song. That’s why this is such a cool and unusual Hollywood gathering.

Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr., takes the stage and announces that, “This award says just as much about the recipient as it does the presenter.” ha ha thats too funny. I was already warned by a Hollywood Insider that he was going to steal the show with his presentation. He had the crew dying of laughter the day before in his red sweat jump suit during rehearsals. He has amazing comedic timing. I think anyway.

The Cecil B DeMille Award is a very high honor to receive in the industry and this years recipient was the awesome Jodi Foster. She joins other legendary artists like: Cecil B. DeMille, Walt Disney, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Bob Hope, James Stewart, Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, and Sidney Poitier to name a few of my favorites. Her body of work should speak for it’s self and as they rolled the tape I was taken on a ride through film. What a bunch of great movies and roles she has played. I’m gonna have to go back and watch some of those again, but what everyone seems to want to talk about has nothing to do with her career. So what if you didn’t like her acceptance speech?? She didn’t say all that for your overly critical ass. Yeah yeah your just doing your job as a reporter and a blogger. Did you miss the part about Privacy??? That was kind of the point. Not coming out of the closet, “I did that years ago.” she said. Being an adult in the public eye is not always a privilege and comes with lots of negative ramifications. Now imagine having dealt with that since you were 3 years old? Most of you can’t. I can not. Her speech was perfectly filled with humor, wit, and compassion. She was speaking for herself, her kids, her family, her lover, and I think she was speaking out for every celebrity out there. We glorify them and idolize them, but to what cost to ourselves and them?

Sobering speech!

I thought The Golden Globes were a lot of fun, but I am especially proud of Jodi Foster for speaking her mind and looking great doing it at age 50.  She is an inspiring professional and someone that I personally look up to.

See ya next year.

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