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Abe Vigoda Died Today? Really this time!

Written by K.C. Murdock

At least once a year as celebrity deaths happen a rumor about Abe Vigoda being dead circulates. It happens so much that his website home page is a picture of Abe stating that he is indeed alive. Until today. Today that changed in Abe Vigoda humor and fashion. At 11:43 a.m. his Twitter changed with the bad news. This time it was not a hoax.

Born February 24th 1921 Abe Vigoda was approaching his 95th Birthday next month.

I first introduced to Abe Vigoda sitting on my Dad’s lap as he bellowed at the humor in Barney Miller. As Detective Phil Fish (Vigoda) was in 63 episodes of the cop comedy. His grumpy old man dry wit off set the rest of the younger hipper crew of comedians. Ready for retirement yet always fighting it off cause for all his complaining he loved his job at the 12th precinct. This lead to the spin off TV series Fish that last a couple of seasons.

Then I got older and finally was able to see the classic Godfather movies. A younger Abe Vigoda playing the seasoned gangster and turns trusted advisor of Don Corleone. And continued voicing Salvatore Tessio in the Godfather video games and also makes an appearance in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm as Salvatore Valestra. No doubt paying homage to his character from the GODFATHER.

But no matter what the TV nut in me always goes back to so many great appearances by Abe like: Hawaii Five-0, Kojak, The Bionic Woman, Vega$, Rockford Files, The Love Boat, Eight is Enough, Fantasy Island, B.J. and the Bear, MacGyver, Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, Law & Order, and Wings to name just the shows I use to watch alone.

Don’t forget his awesome scene as Old Man Lisa in Weird Science and the quirky Chief of the Waponis in Joe Versus the Volcano.

NBC News:

Vigoda’s daughter, Carol Vigoda Fuchs, told The Associated Press that Vigoda died Tuesday morning in his sleep at Fuchs’ home in Woodland Park, New Jersey. The cause of death was old age. “This man was never sick,” Fuchs said.

We are sad to see this unmistakable voice of entertainment leave us, but I are glad to read his daughters words. He was “never sick” and just lived a long full wonderful life.

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