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Why NBC’s THE VOICE doesn’t suck like other shows

Written by Ken Murdock

THE VOICE has been my favorite singing competition since it’s first season for one main reason…….Positive and Uplifting Reinforcement. I have hated Fox’s American Idol for the same reason…….Too Much Negativity. Where, Idol showed it’s worst of the worst auditions, like that Pants on the Ground crap, and seemed to enjoy making fun of it’s fans; and THE VOICE was all about showing these great singers from day one, but the coaches had to pick according to the sound of their voice alone. Even their wording are worlds apart. THE VOICE has coaches. Idol has judges. THE VOICE picks teams, gives them advice, brings in famous talent for more advice, and the coaches can steal each others artist while fighting over who wants them more. Idol just judges you.

My family and I have been apart of the studio audience for the tapings of Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, Knockout Rounds, and Live Shows at Universal Studios. The setup and filming of The Voice is top notch, the production crew is friendly, and it is all around a very fun experience. If you are a fan of the show we recommend you go sometime.

Season 10 of THE VOICE started tonight on NBC with the blind auditions and this is gonna be another amazing season with loads of great talent. Season 10 is hosted by Carson Daly and the Coaches are: Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera is back baby!!

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Carson Daly is charming and funny. He is the glue that holds The Voice together and as he watches the blind auditions in the back with the performers families you can tell that he really loves this job. He is often yelling louder than the families for a coach to push their buttons and his excitement for them is very genuine.


Let’s talk about the return of Xtina. There is no doubt that she is one of the most powerful singers out there and her fans are relentless supporters of her. She was the first female coach, Shakira and Gwen Stefani were also great coaches, but no one stirs things up like Xtina when she’s on the show. The camaraderie she has with the boys is hilarious and she doesn’t take any of their shit, cause they dish a lot out, but in fact she dishes out just as much shit to the boys. Not only is she beautiful and talented, but you really get to see how funny she is on the show as she pokes fun of the boys. She has so much great advice she gives coaching and it is always cool to see what celebrity friends she will bring to the show. She brings up her years of experience in the entertainment industry a lot while wooing would be contestants and as she very well should. She has been performing for longer than any of these guys and platinum is not just her hair color with 50 Million Albums sold worldwide, Chart Topping Singles, and all kinds of Awards won. With Season 10 Xtina means serious business this year and plans on taking down the boys by being the first Female Coach winner. She just might do it with her roster of amazing singers she is putting together.

The unbelievably positive Pharrell, or as I call him The Dali Lama of The Voice, is back to spread joy in only the way he can. The super talented coaches Cee Lo Green and Usher were cool and awesome on The Voice, but nobody has shown the kind of support and kindness to the contestants like Pharrell has every season. He has walked up on stage during blind auditions after no chairs turned around and gave devastated singers hugs or inspiring speeches of encouragement to keep practicing to return and try out for The Voice again. Of which many have and made it on the show. When he starts pitching for a contestant to come onto his team you can really feel his passion for collaborating in music. Even when he isn’t fighting fair against the other coaches he still comes off respectful and calm. Like when Blake likened an argument between Gwen & Pharrell to a pillow fight. You can tell when Pharrell is really digging a performance cause he stands up and his face goes through an array of emotions: shock, delight, joy, disbelief, and child like wonder. Then the eloquent praises begin. And I can’t tell what I saw this season but let’s just say that he takes a very big risk for the love of his team members. He is emotionally invested in their success on the show it shows. Love this guy.

Since the beginning these two coaches have clashed with their opinions and styles of coaching, but it has blossomed into the best bromance on television. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton may not seem like likely friends based on their musical backgrounds, but these two have become great friends and have nothing but love and respect for each other. It is hard to talk about just one of them now and even if I tried the other one would probably interrupt with a joke at the others expense. Season 9 was all about Blake making bald jokes at Adam and Levine making fun of Shelton’s simplistic country wardrobe. The two of them battle it out every season with the most wins by coaches, unless Xtina dethrones them this year, and their constant badgering has become a staple of the show; and continues far after the cameras have stopped rolling. They interact with more with the studio audience then the other coaches and women scream out their love to them. Even though instructed not too. I am still waiting for these guys to tour together with their bands or star in a movie together or a buddy cop show ha ha.

Off Camera Antics

We have been fortunate enough to be sat directly behind the coaches chairs on a few occasions. Last time next to Blake as he showed us his Alligator Boots that I was very envious over. Another time next to Adam after an amazing blind audition that lead to a 10 second duet with him and I singing some Stevie Wonder. Got a head nod from Pharrell in between filming as he was exiting the set. Yes, as an audience member you are a part of the show. The intensity and emotions of the contestants is palpable filling the entire studio. These coaches get so invested in their teams and the performances that what you see on NBC is only a small portion of what actually happens. It is a TV show after all and some of it has to end up on the digital cutting room floor. After one particularly awe inspiring performance the coaches were so complimentary and long winded that it actually took an hour of real time.

The bromance is not just for show, but those two go at it like that through out the entire filming and always have me laughing like you would at two brothers giving each other hell. Pharrell engages the audience to clap for amazing performances and when he is torn in a decision asks the audience for help. Carson jokes with the audience that he hates make up and is not like this normally as the make up department comes out to touch up his face and hair. Adam asks the camera operator for privacy while conversing with Xtina at her chair. Xtina, “What are you doing?” Blake, “Have you ever heard of Angry Birds?” Xtina laughs at him, “Of course I have.” she is a mother after all. Yes, Blake plays Angry Birds during his down time. This is obviously very new to Shelton now that he is voicing a character in The Angry Birds Movie coming out in 2016. They are also reading news articles on each others phones, laughing at memes, and doing all the same things that we would be doing in between takes if we were allowed to bring in our phones.

So Season 10 should be another great show filled with great talented. Very excited to see who wins. Good luck to all.

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