Lady Antebellum is coming to the Staples Center and after seeing them in Chula Vista this weekend they will “Own the Night” in Los Angeles.

After a heavy dose of dance music that had the pit acting like a wild pack of kids….or they were….the lights when down to a burst of applause, whistles, and screams. The band creeps out on stage and gives you exactly what you want.

They start off with one of their newer hits “We Own The Night“. The crowd is already well warmed up from Darius Rucker and Thompson Square and of course we are singing. It’s a concert isn’t it. Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood blend their harmonious sound effortlessly. “We Are All Stars Tonight” they sing. It’s true. The band stops. Yeah yeah yeah….they sing with the crowd. “We’re all stars tonight. Hey hey.” The band kicks it back in for a big finish.

Charles Kelley thanks Thompson Square and then Darius Rucker each followed in turn with cheers of cow folk rhetoric.

They are so comfortable on stage together that Charles walks by Hillary during “My Kind Of Love” and taps her on the shoulder. She turns and follows him singing together to the other side of the stage and they surround Dave; and then go into the chorus simultaneously. The song ends with the whole band jamming out on the edge of the stage…minus the drummer of course.

I love the way they way they harmonize, but their song structure in “Love This Pain” transitioning into a verse of The Police “Every little step is magic” and then back into pain…..was magic. Awesome!

It’s been a great night for music and a “Perfect Day”.

“This was our first ever song on country radio.” Kelley. They all come in like thunder for “Love Don’t Live Here“; and not that the crowd ever stopped singing, but they just kicked it up another notch when that song started.

They drag out a pink piano as Charles Kelley sings “I wish they all could be California Girls” joking with the audience or was he?

Hello World“….damn I love this song. Charles gives a heart felt and stirring performance with a mellowed out version that is softer than in the album. Women are screaming all around. Once again my ear catches some beautiful female harmonies, but wait. I don’t see Hillary on stage. Oh…..I have just been wowed by Lauren Hollinger, from Yucaipa, standing to my left. She is a talented singer and I found her first. Hillary and Dave are now singing again and the band cranks it up for a huge finish. “Helloooo Woooorld!” we give it our all too.

Nothing is sweeter than Summer Time then “American Honey” and though it’s not summer I’m refusing to acknowledge the cold evening.

“Name like a long lost friend.” This crowd feels like an old friends.

Mississippi Shinning…..Oh black water…..Keep on Rolling….Funky Dixie Land….Pretty Momma take me by The Hand….with some serious swing. Oh that sounded great. Pulling off some classic music here tonight.

This was our first hit thanks to you!
Is that a Garth Brooks song? the guitarist plays a riff. Psych! What?

I Run To You” gets the crowd enthusiasm to another peak. “Love is the only the truth” Charles repeats to us during the song.

They finish and the lights go off as they exist the stage. Crowd Goes nuts! But that’s not it….Cause they haven’t played… they come back on stage…. Oh I love this song.
Just A Kiss“…..In the moon light is the only thing missing from this night as god’s thumb nail hangs in the sky. Hillary and Charles share an intimate moment ending the song.

So does Lauren and her friend on my left.

Another teaser. “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith the band plays….. Oh crap they are actually doing it. Rock On Lady A! 2 verses then on to “Lookin’ For A Good Time” that going into double time to end the song and we have all found a good time.

It’s not a quarter after 1 am but the crowd is ready for it to be, and like they knew what I was thinking, after a bunch of people cleared out, they played it. “Just Need You Now

Need You Now rings out….I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all…..The music and lights fade out and the crowd screams…..Lady A has perfect timing starting it back up. What a great song and an amazing performance.

“Thank you so much.” screams Kelley.

Now they are done and after Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood leave the stage the band plays us out. Which was thoughtful of them.

Go see Lady Antebellum if you get the chance to and if you are going to the sold out show at the Staples Center then you will own the night.


K.C. Murdock
Executive Producer

HUGE thanks to Doug Siegel for providing us with these concert photos.

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