After numerous reports that Mike “The Situation” was checking into rehab MTV made a statement Wednesday, “We have no comment about Mike but fully expect and are looking forward to the entire cast returning for a sixth season.”

Did I just read that correctly or did I have a little too much wine with dinner? They are seriously going to have ANOTHER season. I mean c’mon… “Snooki” is preggers, ratings are down this year and Mike (‘The Situation’) is or was supposedly checking into rehab. (Although he Tweeted Tuesday, “Don’t believe everything you read or hear.”)

How many seasons can you have of the exact same cast doing the exact same thing before your audience gets played out? As a fan, honestly, I had a hard time staying focused on the show this season. I haven’t even watch the  finale yet and my girls and I are avid reality whores. I really enjoyed the first couple seasons (I lie, seasons 1-4) and rapidly became addicted. But who wasn’t? The Jersey Shore became a culture icon faster than I could tan my white ass, tease my hair and hook up with a “Guido”.

It was fun to watch the first, second and maybe third time but shit, I don’t know if I could handle another season of Vinny crying because he misses his mommy, Snooki peeing any and everywhere, or “JWoww’s” titties falling out of her tiny ass shirt. Don’t get me wrong I love each and every character (cast) of the show even Angelina, (well maybe not Angelina). I just think it’s time to retire Karma and that ugly Seaside house. I think there has been enough STD’s and skin cancer to go around to last the next decade but what do I know? I’m only DTF with my significant other.

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