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Boone: The Bounty Hunter

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Boone: The Bounty Hunter is a throw back to the action movies of the 1980’s with all new action that is sure to become a cult classic. It’s over the top and unnecessary use of Parkour is only matched by the cheesy one liners that bring this movie together and really make it work with hilarity that will keep you laughing to the end of the movie. Yes, that was a compliment. The action in this movie is really awesome and not like anything you will find in a typical movie. John Hennigan aka John Morrison, who plays BOONE, recruited many of his Wrestling and Fighting friends to star or do cameos in the movie that lend credibility to the familiar moves that you usually on see on TV or at a WWE match. The fight choreography does not pull any punches for this indie film and it is palatable leaving you on the edge of your seat with excitement. If you are a wrestling fan or MMA fan then you are really going to dig this movie. If you love to laugh and enjoy cheesy one liners that totally make the movie better in every way then this movie is for you. If you like heart pounding action and really cool Parkour then this movie is right up your alley. If you like gorgeous women kicking butt, and why wouldn’t you?, then this movie is most definitely for you.

UFC star turned actor Quinton Rampage Jackson plays the best friend of Boone and his trusted advisor for taking down the bad guys. You may know Osric Chau from Supernatural and again he is playing the smart guy that just might save the day. Spencer Grammar plays the moral compass not gonna take any of Boone’s crap bad ass woman in this movie but you may recognize her voice as Summer from Rick and Morty. Everybody’s favorite bad guy Richard Tyson is back at it again and is a total dick in this movie. Also a compliment cause we love him and the role he plays is #BooneYeah! Taking a break from being the nice guy Jonathan Lipnicki plays the obnoxiously spoiled bad guy’s son that gets what he deserves in the end. Jane Park Smith is absolutely wicked in this movie and you too will love her for it. Del Zamora plays the bad cop keeping the small town in check with fear. Check out all these delightful people on iMDb to see what other productions you can find them in.

This movie caught me by surprise and I was not ready to laugh as hard and as much as I did during the screening in Beverly Hills. I enjoyed reading the idea behind Boone: The Bounty Hunter and knew it would be good, but I couldn’t have been more wrong because it was Great! No that’s not even doing it just either it was: #BooneAwesome #Boonemazing #Boonetastic #Boonederful #Boonexciting #BooneWow #Boonepic and in short #BooneTheBountyHunter will have you saying #BooneYeah!

Here is our interview with Boone himself:

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