Bobby Farrelly (Writer/Director/Producer) and Andrew Greenbury (Editor/Actor)

I was invited to the premiere of The Three Stooges at Grouman’s Chinese Theater by my friend, Andrew Greenbury, who was an assistant to the editor on the film. I love these kind of events, but only went to support him and to my surprise was enveloped by the Farrelly Family. Brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers have all come out to support Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s latest movie. It isn’t just them and their families, but the families of the cast and crew as well. Plus cast members from past movies too.

We are at the Roosevelt Hotel for the after party and it’s more like a family reunion than a party in here. The bars are set up and the drinks are flowing. It’s time to mingle. Tonight I am part of the Greenbury posse consisting of: Andrew Greenbury, Nick Greenbury, Nan Swartz, Mark Chisholm, and myself.

Nan Swartz (Producer/Director), Andrew Greenbury (Editor/Actor), Nick Greenbury (Writer/Actor), and Mark Chisholm (Writer)

Andrew was one of the assistants to Editor Sam Seig and they have both been involved with many Farrelly projects. Andrew and his family have a lot of history with Bobby and Peter. Andrew and Nick’s dad, Christopher Greenbury, edited Dumb & Dumber, Kingpin, and There’s Something About Mary for the Farrelly Brothers. Plus he worked on a few of my own personal favorite movies like: The Muppet Movie (1979), Haunted Honeymoon (1986), Serendipity (2001), Me Myself & Irene (2000), and the award winning American Beauty (1999). Damn, Kevin Spacey is the shit! You could say that those two were raised on film sets and that wouldn’t be to far from the truth. They make short appearances in many of the films. I first met Andrew on a film set myself and we became friends fast.

Lin Shaye, Magda in “There’s Something About Mary”, seemed to know everybody in the crowd as she made her way through with red wine in hand.

Larry David (Actor/Writer/Director/Producer) and Nan Swartz (Producer/Director)

Larry David is always the life of the party, but he will never let you know. People kept him very busy, but Nan was able to get a few words in with him.

I had a quick chat with Sean Hayes on his way out to New York. He was was extremely nice and very polite. He graciously answered a quick few questions after I assaulted him with some praise. Which, is how I learned about his shaving habits for the role. What? I was enthused about his Larry performance and I can be a bit exuberant, but he was super awesome about talking to me. Then his handlers rushed him past security to catch a plane. Will & Grace was a funny show. I’m just saying.

Andrew Greenbury (Editor/Actor), Will Sasso (Actor/Writer/Producer), and Nan Swartz (Director/Producer)

I joined Nan talking to Will Sasso and it was good to know how serious he took this comedy. “I didn’t want to do anything that Curly wouldn’t have done in that situation.” says Will. He tells us about the countless hours he spent watching The Three Stooges in preparation for this role. We talked about the original show vs some of those bad movies they put out and as they got older it just kind of sad. Then Will Sasso went into a one man Three Stooges bit as the old versions that I would have paid to watch. He had me in stitches. It was like our own personal Mad TV segment. Now that I’m having a conversation with the guy I can see that he is always on fire. He is a natural comedian and lots of fun to talk with. He is also generous with his fans as he stopped on the street to sign autographs on his way from the Chinese Theater to the Roosevelt.

Will Sasso (Actor/Writer/Producer) stops for a quick fan signing on Hollywood Blvd. He made a great Curly.

The child actors were wildly popular at the event. All of them were sweet kids, but the Little Stooges were stopped for photos by everyone. It was fun to watch them soak in the whole experience with their parents and siblings in tow. Skylar Gisondo aka Young Moe, Lance Chantiles-Wertz aka Young Larry, and Robert Capron aka Young Curly were very funny in the movie and help set it up for the adults.

Robert Capron (Actor), Andrew Greenbury (Editor/Actor), and Lance Chantilles-Wertz (Actor). Robert was Young Curly and Lance was Young Larry in The Three Stooges Movie.

I was talking with Diana Darrin about her early work with The Stooges. She told me some great stories and showed me some personal keep sakes. Including her young pinups…hubba hubba. She was also in Bonanza, Bat Masterson, Perry Mason and a slew of movies while also singing as a recording artist for Virgo Records. Then we were joined by her son Evan Richards (Film Maker) and T. Arthur Cottam (Film Maker). We had a great conversation about the industry and the movie. “It makes sense that the Farrelly Brothers did The Three Stooges because Dumb & Dumber was the two stooges.” Evan Richards said to me. He is totally right. They have already demonstrated great use of the prat fall and situational comedy in all of their previous work.

K.C. Murdock (Down the Road Show) and Bobby Farrelly (Writer/Director/Producer)

I had the chance to talk with both Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly seperately. I did not hold back my reluctance to support the making of The Three Stooges, but was quick to tell them how happy they have made the little kid in me. My dad was a huge fan of all those old black and white comedies. (The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, The Three Stooges, and The Little Rascals) I would sit on his lap and laugh for hours with him. Well the Farrelly Brothers have just given me that feeling back. Not only did they stick to the very strict format that makes up The Stooges, but they added a lot of new humor with relevant pop culture references. I really enjoyed it. They were both very patient listeners and absorbed all that I had to say about their film.

K.C. Murdock (Down the Road Show) and Peter Farrelly (Writer/Director/Producer)

After joining in on lots of different topics and discussions it is apparent to me that this is one big family here. There is a lot of love in this room and it goes both ways. This is not just a Farrelly love fest, because they are giving mad respect to their crew and cast. With all this love going around their are three main topics that keep coming up.

How great The Three Stooges Movie was. Everyone is hoping for a The Three Stooges Movie 2. Plus tons and tons of excitement for Dumb & Dumber 2 with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. COOL!

Thank you for the invite Andrew. Thank you, Farrellys, for welcoming me and Down the Road Show into the family. Please pass the mashed potoatoes.


K.C. Murdock

Executive Producer

K.C. Murdock (Down the Road Show) gives a big #JNelson for The Three Stooges Movie Premiere outside of the Grouman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.