I love sports and especially football season. As a Steelers fan the off season has been gut wrenching after the lose in the Superbowl, but at least I can get my Hines Ward fix on Dancing With The Stars.

However, I’m not the only one missing the NFL in the off season. Baltimore reporters and Raven fans have united to vote for any one on Dancing With The Stars, but Hines Ward. So I am urging the opposite from all Pittsburgh reporters and all Steelers fans out there. Let’s unite together as Steelers Nation and send Hines Ward to the show finale for the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy. If you’ve watched past season then you won’t be surprised that once again a football player is close to doing his celebration end zone dance on DWTS again. As much as it pains me to say how good he was, but Emit Smith is a former DWTS champion and I’m looking to Hines to continue that NFL reign. Now the city of Baltimore can vote for everybody else all that they want too, because that will be their undoing. If they are dividing their votes amongst the other contestants and all the Steelers fans vote for Hines Ward then we will win the votes. We can send him all the way together.

So keep that back straight, shoulders up, and stay light on your feet, Hines, and dance circles around your competition. Steelers Nation has your back.

Oh, and no surprise that wrestler Jericho is also tearing it up. Props to you too big guy.

For you men out there! It’s okay to sit down and watch some Dancing With The Stars. That’s why they put awesome athletes on the show and it’s loaded with beautiful women. To get your attention. The professional dancers are amazingly skilled and are extremely athletic pros. I dare you to pick your beer belly self up off the couch and try what these pros are doing on Dancing With The Stars. Don’t give yourself a heart attack ,though; and fair warning that regular dancing will make you more fit and may improve your relationship with your significant other. Those are just a few side effects. It may also cause a surge of self esteem.

So sit and enjoy Dancing With The Stars with your lady or fellow. The NFL is right around the corner, but until then vote for Hines Ward, Steelers Nation. Maybe, Hines, can do what Chad Ochocinco could not do.

Down the Road Show
K.C. Murdock
CEO Murdock Worldwide Entertainment Corporation
Executive Producer/Co-Host