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Down the Road Show » International San Diego Comic Con We Love Entertainment Mon, 10 Nov 2014 23:02:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Contagious Comic-Con Crud Wed, 05 Nov 2014 23:23:37 +0000

Orlando Jones and Stuart Mazzeo at San Diego Comic Con 2012… these 2 are not sick.



Come on people! Wash your hands please.

Start carrying hand sanitizer at all times or something, because few people are immune to the con crud and it is kryptonite to your favorite celebrity. Ever wonder why your favorite celebrity canceled that last con last minute and you were hoping to see them? Because the week before they did exactly that and met thousands of adoring fans just like you and after posing for photos, signing autographs, holding babies, and shaking all of those hands……well the con crud would cripple the best of Super Heroes.

This years San Diego Comic-Con seemed particularly congested compared to previews summers. Preview night was busier than any year I remember and you would have thought that Thursday was actually Saturday and Friday continued that trend by jumping over the line of claustrophobic. So once Saturday finally arrived I was not surprised at the shear magnitude of chaos that it was. Walking the con floor was next to impossible and I’d had almost rather been stuck on the 5 in rush hour traffic, but LA traffic doesn’t have Cosplayers to take photos of. It didn’t help that I was walking around with Stuart Mazzeo. Stuart is The Joker. I do not use those terms lightly either. Except no other Joker substitutes. He is the real thing.

So San Diego Convention Center is now crammed full with germs and lots of love going around. In a sense once you enter that world you are in contact with every single person that enters that con. Holy bat crap I can’t believe I didn’t get sick. Let the numbers soak in for a bit…… check your friends Facebook updates. How many of them are sick? I was surprised how many posts I saw about it and even more surprised how many friends behind their booths had already got it by Friday.

So the  moral of the con…….sanitize, wash, and repeat! Please don’t be a Joker :)


K.C. Murdock

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“Southern Nightgown” 2012 SDCC Preview Edition. Sat, 15 Sep 2012 07:51:50 +0000


JP Roth and Aggressive Comix gave fans a sneak-peek into her latest series “Southern Nightgown” with a special preview edition at the 2012 SDCC. You can still get one here if you weren’t in San Diego over the summer. With a fantastic cover by Ebas, the teaser begins on Satin Larsen’s very bad day. Satin is an attractive young woman who’s Gran has just passed and with her, seemingly the magic in Satin’s life along with it.

Satin lives in tiny (pop. 212) Avery, GA but her life is in Gran’s fantastic stories about her parents and the dreams they inspired. These dreams aren’t for the meek either, so sensitive souls ought tread lightly. The cover should have been a strong hint.

Roth has a lyrical prose that folds nicely into Dawn McTeigue’s pencils and the colors of Sabine Rich. Clare Bendandi manages all this talent into comic book form. Although I’m more prone to describe what Roth does as graphic novels than classic comics. The Preview is only the briefest tease of what “Southern Nightgown” will be but Roth and company have left a huge sandbox to explore. Meaning, JP Roth is probably going to take you somewhere you’ve never been. The teaser does Its job, it makes you want to see more.


Lem Utu
Associate Producer
Follow Lem Utu on Twitter @Lemzilla


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JP Roth’s “Ancient Dreams” #0 Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:24:50 +0000


As if full blown from the brow of Zeus, “Ancient Dreams” #0 comes at the reader a complete entity from the fertile clay of its creator, JP Roth’s, imagination. Roth is the driving creative force behind this re-imagining of classic Greek mythology combined with a dark love story.

From Peter Steigerwald’s cover paints over Dawn McTeigue’s pencils to Mike Krone’s interior art with McTeigue inks, Sabine Rich’s colors and Stefan Merour’s letters and layout, Roth directs the art to serve her words fully and there are lots of words. Roth is serious about her commitment to the novel part of “graphic novel”.

“Ancient Dreams” #0 is a parallel tale of two loves. King Menelaus and his beloved Arias in ancient Greece and 18 year-old Cara Wynter from Bellingham, WA and Drake, who may be the son of Hades, in the present. Roth’s vision is sensual but unsentimental. This is not “Hallmark TV Special” love. This is “Burn You with the Heat of a Thousand Suns” love and that can be messy. Especially when the Ancient Gods are involved.

Roth’s work feels personal and the world she’s created is a hothouse of conflicting emotions and cross purposes. Roth pretty much tells you what the tone of “Ancient Dreams” will be with this note at the end of the issue, “Fairy Tales are for children. In the grown-up version, everybody dies.”

See what I mean about unsentimental?

Ancient Dreams” #0 is a complex mesh of art and written word that defines “graphic novel”. The world that JP Roth has created takes full advantage of the medium. However, I can see where some of the wordier pages might be intimidating to casual readers. The trick going forward will be to maintain a good balance between novel and graphics in presenting Roth’s vision. So far, so good.


Lem Utu
Associate Producer
Follow Lem Utu on Twitter @Lemzilla

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Conundrum of Comic Cons Thu, 16 Aug 2012 22:54:42 +0000

Comic: Not as in a stand up comedian telling jokes and being a funny person, but as in comic books. If you don’t know what a comic book is please get the Fuck off my website. What, I said please?

Con: Short for convention. This can cover many things….cars, boats, Jewelery, electronics, video games, horror, Star Trek, Star Wars, and damn near anything else you can think of on the planet.

Most of you know that I travel around the country to Comic Cons that are arranged by many different companies. In my travels I have learned many things and absorbed a lot while walking the floors of the crazy convention halls. There is one thing that they all have in common. Pop Culture! Now more and more cons are popping up with this concept. Calling them a Pop Con does nothing to resolve the current predicament.

What? Issues? Problems?

Well the people with all the money and power would have you believe that everything is peachy, but I’m about to show you the rotten inners of that peach.

Artists are getting fucked! Yes an artist is a sexy thing and they get plenty of action but I refer to the “Royal” version. Changing the name of your con doesn’t change the fact that artists have been worked to death, under paid, with no royalties, and then toss them aside like last weeks trash on the curb; and this is why I love Hero Initiative so much. Because Hollywood is buying up & optioning anything & everything Hero related they can get their hands on these days. With the success of the latest Batman movie series and The Avengers destroying previous monitary records for Marvel Movies Studios. Marvel’s movies have jumped leaps and bounds since they opened their own studio and it is reaching a brand new young audience of Super Hero lovers, but do they know the origins of these Heros? Shut up nerds….I’m not talking about Gotham or Krypton here. I’m talking about the creators, inkers, and colorists. They birth our favorite Heros out of imagination and long sleepless night in a dark corner overly obsessing over the smallest details that make all the difference. They have created timeless pieces of art that are forever stamped into our memories and the big studios keep lining their pockets.

You have vendors selling Comic Book related everything…..the list is too extensive. You never know what you’ll find at a Comic Con……But one day you may not find comic book artists or artists at all. As it seems over the years that the Celebrity Autographs, Photo Ops, Games, Movie Premieres, and Panels areas seem to keep growing; but the Artist Alleys seem to start disappearing.

What’s next?

No Games at E3?

No Horror at Scream Fest?

No Star Wars at Celebration?

No Porn at Adult Con? ………… What is this world coming too?


K.C. Murdock

Executive Producer


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“Revolution” on NBC Premieres 9/17/2012 Mon, 06 Aug 2012 20:33:04 +0000

Revolution” is the tale of what happens when the power goes off all over the world and how the world adjusts. Which is to say, “not well” if the title is any indication. Created by Eric Kripke (“Supernatural“, which I like) with J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot co-founder Bryan Burk  (their last work was, “Terra Nova” “Alcatraz“, which I didn’t like) producing, “Revolution” has the bona fides to be good. Toss in, Jon Favreau (“Iron Man“) directing the first episode and expectations are very high.

However…Terra Nova “Alcatraz” disappeared under the weight of high expectations, chintzy dinosaurs big whopping plot holes and horrible story-telling. Having gaping holes in the science didn’t help either. And since science is at the forefront of how the world in “Revolution” came to be, this is a dangerous road. “Lost” was successful by blatantly ignoring science, physics and common sense when it suited the story. Smoke monsters and polar bears? But we bought it all and watched for six seasons only pausing to wonder who Nikki and Paolo were and why it all ended in a church.

“Revolution” begins with the premise that all of the power in the world is gone. No A/C, batteries are all useless and apparently there isn’t a spark of electricity anywhere. Then picks up the story 15 years later when America has devolved into territories ruled by warlords and one brave family with the secret to why it all went down is on the run. They might also have a solution, so naturally some who like it just the way it is, will try and stop them. A piece of advice: Run away from the science as fast as you can “Revolution”. Don’t get into the nuts and bolts of how things got that way, make the characters compelling enough we don’t care. It worked for “Lost” and is working for another Bad Robot production, “Person of Interest“.

The scientific, not to mention the political backstory for “Revolution” has to be minimized or it will suffer the same fate as “Terra Nova” “Alcatraz” with less dinosaurs convicts. You see while the electricity in the “Revolution” world may not work, gunpowder still does. And that makes a huge difference in how a potentially anarchistic situation will break open. If the power went off tomorrow, the military and police still have guns. Guns (except this one) don’t require electricity. Assuming no one in charge rolls up in the fetal position and freaks out, they’ll have orders to maintain order. And while all the power may be out for the moment, we know how to make more. Electricity doesn’t disappear because the batteries are dead and we know how to make more batteries too.

Not sure how it went down in the “Revolution” world but I’m pretty sure not that way because then it’s a totally different story. So, I’m going to require solid, good-paced writing and credible acting from leads Ken Arnold, Billy Burke and the wonderful (last seen with half of his face blown off ) Giancarlo Esposito. If anyone can lift this above it’s stringy backstory, I’m counting on the man who made Gus Fring one scary dude. I forgave J.J. Abrams the sad attempt of “Terra Nova” “Alcatraz” by assuming his duties on the “Star Trek” sequel was dividing his energies. I’ll be less kind this time around if “Revolution” is anywhere near the disaster that was. “Revolution” premieres September 17, 2012 and as with everything I watch, I hope it’s good.

Lem Utu

Associate Producer

follow Lem Utu on Twitter @Lemzilla

Make sure you watch for DTRShow’s Friend in Revolution. Jeff Wolfe is a talented martial artist and actor. He is also one of the Fight Coordinators for the show. We stand behind Jeff in this Revolution.
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Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”: Is the World Really Ready for Rocket Raccoon? Thu, 26 Jul 2012 19:22:45 +0000

8 – 1 – 14, the poster says. On August 1, 2014 Marvel Studios will release “Guardians of the Galaxy“, breaking the news at the just concluded 2012 San Diego Comicon. The Guardians have a long and convoluted history that doesn’t really lend itself to a feature-length film (looking at you, “Green Lantern” and thanks for muddying up the waters with your little blue Guardians of the Galaxy that have nothing to do with this movie) so it will be interesting to see what Marvel comes up with. And the book was cancelled in 2010, so Marvel is really going out on a limb here but I applaud this kind of daring. The most polarizing character will no doubt be Rocket Raccoon. It doesn’t matter that he’s inspired by the Beatle’s “Rocky Raccoon” or was created by big-timers Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen. He’s a FREAKING RACCOON WITH A BIG FREAKING GUN! How awesome is that?

“Hell yeah, I’ve got a big freaking gun.”

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!! That’s the sound of people who won’t get past a heavily armed CGI Raccoon being in the movie despite him not being the only odd thing in a movie about Guardians of our galaxy that we didn’t even know we had. There’s a Tree-guy, a resurrected-former-human-killing-machine, a trigger-happy space cop and a bug lady but let’s all freak out about the gun-wielding raccoon? Like I said, I’m interested to see what Marvel has up it’s sleeve. Going with third-tier characters in such a big movie is risky as hell.

But by August 2014, Marvel will have released “Iron Man 3“, “Thor: The Dark World” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier“. If they perform as expected (and especially if these movies drop “GotG” post credit scenes), there will be plenty of momentum and goodwill for “GotG” to open big. The cast and production team hasn’t been named yet so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any new announcements. I say we give the heavily armed raccoon a chance.

IMDb is also listing DTRS friend, Damion Poitier as starring in “GotG” , so hopefully it means he’ll be returning as “Thanos”, last seen in the post-credits tease in “The Avengers“.


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Nerd HQ Parties for Smiles Fri, 20 Jul 2012 10:43:45 +0000

Nerd HQ had a party every single night of San Diego International Comic-Con and they would out last most parties in the Gaslamp District that weekend. Nobody parties likes Nerds do. Block 16 is a cool place to dance all night long and they pour a stiff drink. The food is served by Lucky’s Diner in the front and it is delicious stuff. Please visit there and thank the staff and owners for a good time the next time you are in San Diego.

So not only are the panels jam packed with great celebrities and visionary artists, but they are much more accessible than Comic-Con panels are. Their site crashed during sales too, but they got it handled quickly and even add extra panels to make up for the sold out ones. Plus it’s nice knowing that you have an assigned seat and that your money is going to give someone the gift of a smile. That makes me smile. They were well organized and ready for the crowds that anxiously awaited their turn for a Conversation Panel. I personally enjoyed Terry Crews, Randy Couture, and Dolph Lundgren for Expendables 2 sharing stories and doing their Arnold impressions when ever they brought him up. Like everybody does. I also bought a ticket for the Rise of the Guardians with Guillermo Del Toro and Peter Ramsey. Zachary Levi sat in on that conversation, because……well it’s Guillermo Del Toro. After watching that conversation I would love to pick his brain for hours and look forward to that movie. That was an enlightening experience to be in the same room as Guillermo and have a tiny glimpse into the beautiful mind of madness.

Zach was directing the tone of the party with microphone in hand and singing along with his favorite songs. The VIP platform, for the slew of celebrities that frequented Zach’s parties, was in sight of the dance floor and very interactive for the fans; but that’s not the real driving force behind this all weekend party. The Chuck cast danced the night away as other celebs came and went, but that is not the reason that there is a special feeling that is palpable.

This place has a reason to celebrate and they worked hard to have all this fun. Nerd HQ, like The Nerd Machine, is ran by loving people that volunteer their time and efforts to make all of this happen for us and the world. David and Zachary have raised thousands of dollars for Operation Smile through The Nerd Machine. In only it’s second year they raised $140,000 for Operation Smile. That is no small accomplishment and in fact it is pretty Fraking amazing. Considering they raised $40,000 in year one… begs the question. How much can they raise next year?

Steph reached out to me on Twitter to tell me that she will be forever grateful to the way she was treated at Nerd HQ. She tells me it’s not easy to be an autistic adult, but she did not feel that way when she was there and complete strangers helped her cross the street. Other stories like that have been popping up left and right. This place is full of genuinely kind hearted people that I have watched give of themselves, not just $, time and time again. I am in awe of these Nerds and wish the world had more people like them in it.

I highly recommend taking a detour from the normal Comic-Con routine and head on over to Nerd HQ in 2013. There are video games at every booth and entertainment all day long. Good times and good people. If bumping into the cast of Psych, Castle, Supernatural, Dr Who, Grimm, Robot Chicken, or the man himself Stan Lee isn’t enough to get you motivated to visit Nerd HQ…….then do it to make a difference.

Thanks for changing people’s lives Zachary Levi, David Coleman, and Courtney Coleman. Thank you Nerds for making a difference.

Executive Producer
K.C. Murdock


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“Irresistible” #1 from Zenescope Mon, 16 Jul 2012 21:59:44 +0000

“Irresistible” is the tale of Allen Keeg, a poor schmoe who is devastated after being dumped by his girlfriend. Actually, writer Raven Gregory does a way-too-close-to-home description of the despair that drives Allen and leads to the fateful encounter that changes his life. Allen is stuck in a personal hell of irretrievable loss and acute self-awareness. He knows he should just get over his ex, Leigh, but continues to do stupid and desperate things in trying to get her back. This leads to his friends, Taylor and Luis, taking him out to a strip-club for a night of drinking and unfamiliar women rubbing their naked boobs on him. This is “Cheer Up Your Bro” 101 and a handy go-to excuse for hitting the rail with your buddies.

But Allen is too far gone to fall for the fantasy the club serves and when an Emma Frost look-alike almost gets him to part with real cash, he snaps out of it and hurries out of the club. It is then revealed that Allen is narrating this from a jail cell so, clearly, something bad happens to him eventually. Intervening in a mugging outside of the club gets Allen an asskicking he should have seen coming. But Gregory has done a good enough job of setting up Allen’s depression that his “I don’t give a f*ck anymore” reaction is plausible. His victim is grateful and more than she seems. When she asks if there’s anything she can do for him, he says not “unless you can make every woman who crosses my path want me.”

When Allen gets home, his hopelessness is palpable and his degree of loneliness uncomfortably familiar. When his victim appears outside his window and witnesses her savior suffering in his sleep, she reveals herself to the reader as a smoking hot witch (courtesy of artist Derlis Santacruz) with the power to make Allen, wait for it…”Irresistible”!  She promises him a new world when he awakes. Looks like the same old world to Allen as he gets up late and rushes to get his morning coffee. But when the cute little barista follows him into the bathroom, locks the door and goes full Porn Star on him, Allen is confused but blissfully ignorant of the spell cast on him. Since we know it gets him in more trouble than he expects, this might be his last blissful moment for a while.

“Irresistible” is an interesting premise with excellent potential and issue #1 is well executed. Zenescope also released 500 special issues available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 with an Anthony Spay/Juan Fernandez cover. If I have a complaint, it’s that Allen is a little too pretty to be sympathetic for me. Cleaned up, he’s proto-hipster, club kid, stockbroker and any number of other archetypes. I think a fat guy might have worked really well. But then you run the risk of getting Jack Black to play Allen in the movie. I don’t think anybody wants that.



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Highlights from Phoenix Comicon 2012 Fri, 01 Jun 2012 03:55:10 +0000

Image by Gage Skidmore

Full Disclosure: Phoenix Comicon 2012 was only the second con I’d ever been to in 51 years on Earth. Long Beach Comic Expo in May of this year was a single day affair and my first con ever. It was a smaller event but a nice way to ease into the larger con experiences (San Diego? Oy, don’t get me started on San Diego) to come with my gig here at DTRS. With the advent of a little thing called the internet, physical attendance hasn’t really been required to know what’s going on at any con these days. But geek cred demands you have to punch that ticket at least once for decorum’s sake I believe.

I accepted the writing position here with the understanding that attending cons was a part of the job. Sucks to be me, I know. I knew Phoenix would be a step up volume wise with William Shatner and the Star Trek: TNG cast headlining separate panels and a much bigger guest list of media stars and comic book creators on hand over four days. I came prepped for the experience. So it was, that I wandered into the Phoenix Convention Center, Thursday, May 24 at approximately 6:30PM to pick up my Media badge. Once inside the hall, it was what I expected and something very much more.

I recognized the booths, their purposes and most of the people milling about them or seated. The con floor was easily three times the size of Long Beach and I mapped out which territories I would frequent for the next four days. What was unexpected was the general good feeling radiating from the attendees. Other than a child who’s parents said no (bravo by the way) and a spat between BF and GF, it was really hard to find an unhappy person at PHXCC over the weekend. None other than legendary artist, George Perez, schooled me on what the fans mean to him and where he thinks that joy comes from.

“I love it when I see someone in a costume even though they may not look anything like that character. It means we have inspired that person so much, that they are confidant and comfortable being out in public in that costume. Then you see so many of them. I feel good about that.” The next four days were a blur of expectations met and valuable experiences and contacts made. The first panel I sat in on, didn’t go quite as planned. But William Shatner alone would have been worth the price of admission. He made us laugh. He made us cry (really). He became a part of us. He prowled the stage like an un caged lion and roared his approval at good questions and ate the bad ones alive much to our delight. I would listen to Shatner for an hour over some of today’s “comics” any day. And I have a feeling he’s got a bottomless well of stories to pull from.

I learned from the TNG panel that Worf is kind of quiet, Lavar will never escape Reading Rainbow, Brent Spiner is Hi-Larious, Wesley is a very mature grown up and you wouldn’t want to cross Marina Sirtis on a bad day. And Patrick Stewart didn’t show up so they all made fun of him. Good times. I got to sit down and talk with the Honky Tonk Man and Virgil from the classic days of the WWF. Probably sat with them for a half hour before I remembered I was media and probably should have recorded them. But they were telling stories out of school anyway and probably wouldn’t have if I was pointing a camera at them. Still figuring this out as I go along. But for a couple of guys who took serious bumps in the ring for 20+ years, they look in pretty good shape and seemed to be in good spirits.

Got to do some skits for one of K.C.’s other online projects including acting with Vernon Wells from “The Road Warrior” and “Weird Science”. Vernon was kind and generous with his time and really not a screaming barbarian like you’d think from his movies. He also insists on being called Vernon, so I’m not being all name droppy on you. Most thrilling for me was actually getting to meet George Perez. Friday morning we were discussing the “Down The Road Shoe Initiative” that started in Long Beach and what artists we would try to enlist while in Phoenix.

I insisted that George (same as Vernon, no Mr. needed) was the biggest fish in this pond and if he got on board, it would be solid gold credibility. So K.C. and I are talking with J. Gonzo about his participation when George walks by. Yes. Only World Class Comic Book Geeks recognize they’re favorite artists on sight. I make sure not to tackle him in my exuberance and mostly don’t sound like a teen fanboy (mostly) when we pitch the Shoe Initiative to him. George turns out to be just about the nicest guy in the world and agrees. We set up a time to film him getting the shoe from K.C. and talking about the auction and I’m thrilled that George turns out to be a prince of a human being as well as one of my favorite artists of all time.

Overall, Phoenix Comicon 2012 was a splendidly well run event and downtown Phoenix is beautiful. Throw in some mild by AZ standards weather and it made for a memorable convention weekend for which thanks must go out to Jillian, Matt, Roger and the rest of the PHXCC team that made it happen. There are still a few blogs about the weekend and plenty of video to post including a full review of the William Shatner and TNG panels and, wait for it: Hot Cosplay Girls. Phoenix Comicon 2013 will go on my calendar as soon as it’s announced and I will very much look forward to returning.



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After “The Avengers”: Damion Poitier Thu, 03 May 2012 21:27:09 +0000

Damion Poitier in True Blood


Fresh off roles in the TV series “Awake” and “Sons of Anarchy”, up and coming actor Damion Poitier has a possible surprise scene in “The Avengers”, speculated as Thanos (Marvel Movies Wiki), pivotal and traditional “After Scene” that Marvel films has become famous for. We hope this is true and will be watching for him. Best known for his role as Duprez in HBO’s “True Blood”, Poitier also has serious Sc-Fi cred with small parts in JJ Abrams “Star Trek” reboot and the geek beloved “Firefly”. Maybe reconnecting with Joss Whedon spells future collaborations? It can’t possibly hurt. We suggest keeping an eye on young Mr. Poitier and his immediate acting future.

Watch K.C.’s interview with Damion Poitier (above and below) from San Diego Comic-Con 2011.



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King Con in San Diego Fri, 27 Apr 2012 23:02:21 +0000 If you are like me then you love a good Comic Con and the undisputed king of pop culture conventions happens every summer in San Diego. Hundreds of thousands of geeks and nerds converge on the cleanest big/little city in the USA. San Diego may be a city, but it has always felt like a small town to me. I have traveled from west coast to east coast with Down the Road Show from Comic-Con to Comic Con, but every year I am drawn to the flame like the moth I am. In 2011 I was at San Diego International Comic-Con for the first time as Down the Road Show and had an interview (Above) with Director of Marketing David Glanzer. I was able to ask him what made San Diego the biggest and the best.

Every summer has provided me with a variety of interesting stories from San Diego Comic-Con. Here is my Comic-Con history:

Chuck Cast during an interview that I interrupted out side of The Hard Rock Hotel during San Diego Comic-Con


My first year at San Diego Comic Con I was talked into going by Edward Mazmanian, who runs the Marvel Movies! Facebook Page, but I reluctantly went and it changed my life. Ed also introduced me to Damion Poitier, TJ Storm, and Doug Jones, that summer and we all had a legendary time with Bob Livingston, Dave De Muth, Mike Mayhem, and Oscar Gottardi at the Wrath of Con party on top of The Hard Rock Hotel. That was an awesome party and also where I met Stan Lee and Kevin Sorbo for the first time. I had breakfast near Ryan McPartlin, from NBC’s Chuck, and he took a photo with me and my friends. Some random Dad and Daughter stopped me for a photo, because they thought I was Kid Rock. How disappointing for them. Plus one of my favorite moments was walking past The Hard Rock Hotel and stopping at the corner to watch Zachary Quitno, Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin and Mark Christopher Lawrence during an interview; but of course I couldn’t keep my loud mouth quiet for too long and interrupted their interview. (which I never found online) I apologize to that film crew for distracting them, but don’t regret it at all. It was pretty funny and I walked away Joshua Gomez and Zachary Levi were full funny comments about the random Kid Rock that just busted up their interview. He he he only at Comic-Con. Join Team Awesome!

Ryan McPartlin and K.C. Murdock after breakfast at SyFy Cafe in San Diego

Stan Lee and Anthony Lee Winn after their panel for Stripperella at San Diego Comic-Con


I slept in the grass all night holding a spot in line for me and friends just outside of Hall H. I spent an entire day in their watch trailers and panels. What an amazing experience to be able to watch parts of the hottest movies coming out before they hit theaters and then to be able to ask questions to the creators of Tron! EPIC!!!!! I attended my first Chuck panel and they sunk their teeth into me making me a permanent fan of both the show and the cast members. Once again I made it to the Wrath of Con party and had a nice conversation with Adam Baldwin and Mark Christopher Lawrence (separately). At that party I also met Anthony Lee Winn and had several drinks plus a 2 hour conversation with Digger T. Mesch. Wes Huffor and I became fast friends after I hired him to make my album cover for Sunlit World.

Sunlit World Buttons designed by Wes Huffor


I decided to approach this year from a different angle and did not go down as a mere fan. I went as a pro promoting the release of my full album Sunlit World. I put together a street team to help me hand out some swag on the streets of San Diego. We handed out 5,000 buttons and pens to the public with on them. It was a lot of fun and some what successful until about an hour after we ran out of pens on Saturday. You may have heard about the Hall H stabbing? It was with a pen. Yep….That’s right….Mine. Dumb asses fighting over a seat. Please. That’s just stupid.

Joss Whedon (Director for The Avengers) and K.C. Murdock (Executive Producer of Down the Road Show) on Sunday of San Diego Comic-Con. Photo taken by my hero....Sam Shearon.


I decided not promote a damn thing, but went down with my new product. This website. Which I reluctantly launched early before it was ready, but went down and had a blast. I filmed the Chuck panel (not my best work). Interviewed my friend Damion Poitier about his upcoming rolls in Sons of Anarchy, True Blood and The Avengers. I ran into Joss Whedon on the Comic-Con floor. I asked him for a quick photo and he said yes. I pulled out my iPhone and it died right then in my hand and as a look of panic came over my face Sam Shearon saved the day and offered to take the photo for me. Sam is my Hero! I also interviewed funny man Jim Norton and you can hear me fighting back my laughter during the interview. Mark Christopher Lawrence invited Victor Arzola and myself to open up for his comedy show. That was a lot of fun. Thanks Mark. NERD HQ was born and I had a fun time there talking with Zachary Levi. Not to mention I was chased across the street into an elevator by 15 drunk guys chanting Kid Rock Kid Rock Kid Rock!!!!! That was awkward.


Is coming soon! I have no idea what craziness will occur, but am excited to share it with you.

San Diego Comic-Con is always full of surprises and stories that I can’t even share. Out of respect. It draws me back every year and is one of my favorite events of the year. See you all there and can’t wait to see what adventures await us. Plus it is always fun catching up with some old friends.


K.C. Murdock

Executive Producer


We want to hear from you!!!  Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite San Diego Comic-Con moment is.

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You’re Not Veronica’s 38 Sat, 17 Mar 2012 06:42:08 +0000 So I had the chance to have a great conversation with Marilyn Ghigliottia and J.C. Tregarthen as the WonderCon floor was winding down and the over head announcer guy was informing us that they will be closing…..soon…..I don’t know…..I wasn’t listening to him. We talked about life as a celebrity, comic cons, fans, and a bunch of other topics; but I was fascinated by one thing and really only went over to ask her one question.

“How often do guys come over and quote the famous scene or shout it at you?” K.C. Murdock

“Oh, 37? All the time.” Marilyn Ghigliottia says referring to the famous BJ argument between Dante and Veronica in the 1994 View Askew production of ‘Clerks‘. “I would never have done that scene if I was worried about it.”

As it turns out this is not original way for you to meet her and it is in no way an effective pick up line. So don’t get any funny ideas about #38. She has a great sense of humor about it and is very use to it at this point; but don’t think you are original if that is your idea of a funny ice breaker.

In 2008 Marilyn was in ‘Dead and Gone‘ and has a haunting effect on the main character. Is he insane or is her ghost haunting him? Watch the movie to find out.

Recently released on DVD was the 2011 release of ‘Alien Armageddon‘ by Neil Johnson. “Not the major blockbuster version”, she jokes. The story of a young women who is trying to find her daughter in a city controlled by an invading alien army. Now, I see why she joked after reading the previous synopsis.

She is a lovely woman and fun to talk to, but doesn’t do a lot of conventions. So if you are in Anaheim this weekend then stop by her WonderCon booth to have a chat. She is super gracious and love the fans. “If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t do this.” she says about the industry.

At the end of the day she wants to spend some quality family time so don’t expect her at a con near you too soon. So come see her this weekend and try to come up with a more interesting starter topic then 37. Take the time and come get to know her. Marilyn is cool and fun to talk to.

Leave us a comment below to let us know how much you love Marilyn.

K.C. Murdock
Executive Producer

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