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Down the Road Show » C2E2 We Love Entertainment Mon, 10 Nov 2014 23:02:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Peter Panzerfaust has C2E2 Hooked Fri, 19 Apr 2013 17:02:52 +0000 Image Comics | Peter Panzerfaust Vol. 1: The Great Escape TP


We are proud to announce that Down the Road Show will be moderating the Peter Panzerfaust panel at C2E2 on Saturday April 27th 2013. The panel is slotted from 3:15 – 4:15 in room W470b and promises to draw a fun crowd. Join us in Chicago as we talk to the Writer, Kurtis J. Weibe, and Artist, Tyler Jenkins, about their creation of the Comic Book and Executive Producer, Jeff Krelitz, about adapting this concept to Motion Comic and TV format. Send DTRShow your questions on Twitter and Facebook and we will pick a few questions to ask during the panel. Plus this panel will be showing the World Premiere Trailer of Peter Panzerfaust motion comic from BBC. This will be a don’t miss panel and we look forward to seeing you in the crowd.

“The city of Calais is the first city in France to fall to the Germans in the spring of 1940. A mysterious American boy named Peter rallies a handful of plucky French orphans and they must work together to survive Europe’s darkest hour.”

Peter Panzerfaust, only a year old, has sold out at Image Comics and is next to impossible to find. Unless you want to pay $900.00 on Ebay for a CGC certified 9.8 version of Issue One. Wow! This has fast become a collectors item and widely sought after. Volume 2 is set to be released on May 15 2013. I will be pre-ordering my copy. The motion comic should be pretty epic and I’m excited to see the world premiere trailer for it at C2E2 with Peter voiced by Elijah Wood, Wendy voiced by Summer Glau, Alain voiced by Dante Basco, and Hook voiced by Ron Perlman. That is an awesome cast of voices with a ton of geek cred. This should be pretty cool. We are excited to see you there. Click here for photos from C2E2.

K.C. Murdock

Executive Producer

Image Comics | Peter Panzerfaust Vol. 2: Hooked


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“Southern Nightgown” 2012 SDCC Preview Edition. Sat, 15 Sep 2012 07:51:50 +0000


JP Roth and Aggressive Comix gave fans a sneak-peek into her latest series “Southern Nightgown” with a special preview edition at the 2012 SDCC. You can still get one here if you weren’t in San Diego over the summer. With a fantastic cover by Ebas, the teaser begins on Satin Larsen’s very bad day. Satin is an attractive young woman who’s Gran has just passed and with her, seemingly the magic in Satin’s life along with it.

Satin lives in tiny (pop. 212) Avery, GA but her life is in Gran’s fantastic stories about her parents and the dreams they inspired. These dreams aren’t for the meek either, so sensitive souls ought tread lightly. The cover should have been a strong hint.

Roth has a lyrical prose that folds nicely into Dawn McTeigue’s pencils and the colors of Sabine Rich. Clare Bendandi manages all this talent into comic book form. Although I’m more prone to describe what Roth does as graphic novels than classic comics. The Preview is only the briefest tease of what “Southern Nightgown” will be but Roth and company have left a huge sandbox to explore. Meaning, JP Roth is probably going to take you somewhere you’ve never been. The teaser does Its job, it makes you want to see more.


Lem Utu
Associate Producer
Follow Lem Utu on Twitter @Lemzilla


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JP Roth’s “Ancient Dreams” #0 Sat, 15 Sep 2012 00:24:50 +0000


As if full blown from the brow of Zeus, “Ancient Dreams” #0 comes at the reader a complete entity from the fertile clay of its creator, JP Roth’s, imagination. Roth is the driving creative force behind this re-imagining of classic Greek mythology combined with a dark love story.

From Peter Steigerwald’s cover paints over Dawn McTeigue’s pencils to Mike Krone’s interior art with McTeigue inks, Sabine Rich’s colors and Stefan Merour’s letters and layout, Roth directs the art to serve her words fully and there are lots of words. Roth is serious about her commitment to the novel part of “graphic novel”.

“Ancient Dreams” #0 is a parallel tale of two loves. King Menelaus and his beloved Arias in ancient Greece and 18 year-old Cara Wynter from Bellingham, WA and Drake, who may be the son of Hades, in the present. Roth’s vision is sensual but unsentimental. This is not “Hallmark TV Special” love. This is “Burn You with the Heat of a Thousand Suns” love and that can be messy. Especially when the Ancient Gods are involved.

Roth’s work feels personal and the world she’s created is a hothouse of conflicting emotions and cross purposes. Roth pretty much tells you what the tone of “Ancient Dreams” will be with this note at the end of the issue, “Fairy Tales are for children. In the grown-up version, everybody dies.”

See what I mean about unsentimental?

Ancient Dreams” #0 is a complex mesh of art and written word that defines “graphic novel”. The world that JP Roth has created takes full advantage of the medium. However, I can see where some of the wordier pages might be intimidating to casual readers. The trick going forward will be to maintain a good balance between novel and graphics in presenting Roth’s vision. So far, so good.


Lem Utu
Associate Producer
Follow Lem Utu on Twitter @Lemzilla

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Conundrum of Comic Cons Thu, 16 Aug 2012 22:54:42 +0000

Comic: Not as in a stand up comedian telling jokes and being a funny person, but as in comic books. If you don’t know what a comic book is please get the Fuck off my website. What, I said please?

Con: Short for convention. This can cover many things….cars, boats, Jewelery, electronics, video games, horror, Star Trek, Star Wars, and damn near anything else you can think of on the planet.

Most of you know that I travel around the country to Comic Cons that are arranged by many different companies. In my travels I have learned many things and absorbed a lot while walking the floors of the crazy convention halls. There is one thing that they all have in common. Pop Culture! Now more and more cons are popping up with this concept. Calling them a Pop Con does nothing to resolve the current predicament.

What? Issues? Problems?

Well the people with all the money and power would have you believe that everything is peachy, but I’m about to show you the rotten inners of that peach.

Artists are getting fucked! Yes an artist is a sexy thing and they get plenty of action but I refer to the “Royal” version. Changing the name of your con doesn’t change the fact that artists have been worked to death, under paid, with no royalties, and then toss them aside like last weeks trash on the curb; and this is why I love Hero Initiative so much. Because Hollywood is buying up & optioning anything & everything Hero related they can get their hands on these days. With the success of the latest Batman movie series and The Avengers destroying previous monitary records for Marvel Movies Studios. Marvel’s movies have jumped leaps and bounds since they opened their own studio and it is reaching a brand new young audience of Super Hero lovers, but do they know the origins of these Heros? Shut up nerds….I’m not talking about Gotham or Krypton here. I’m talking about the creators, inkers, and colorists. They birth our favorite Heros out of imagination and long sleepless night in a dark corner overly obsessing over the smallest details that make all the difference. They have created timeless pieces of art that are forever stamped into our memories and the big studios keep lining their pockets.

You have vendors selling Comic Book related everything…..the list is too extensive. You never know what you’ll find at a Comic Con……But one day you may not find comic book artists or artists at all. As it seems over the years that the Celebrity Autographs, Photo Ops, Games, Movie Premieres, and Panels areas seem to keep growing; but the Artist Alleys seem to start disappearing.

What’s next?

No Games at E3?

No Horror at Scream Fest?

No Star Wars at Celebration?

No Porn at Adult Con? ………… What is this world coming too?


K.C. Murdock

Executive Producer


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C2E2 2011 Fri, 25 Mar 2011 12:00:00 +0000
Where do I begin? I like the beginning.

I’d only ever been to the San Diego Comic Con before and my buddy, Wes Huffor, had invited me to a few smaller local Cons in the SoCal area. He was unsuccessful in convincing me to go, but some how used his super powers to get me to fly across the country for another Con all together.

Wes Huffor is an amazing artist, besides a good friend, that I was introduced to after my first SDCC from our mutual friend, Ed Mazmanian; and when I put a post on Facebook looking for a Comic Artist, to do some work for hire, he responded. Two hours later I was emailed the rough sketches that would become my album cover for ‘Sunlit World’.

Go Get ‘Charnel House’!
Check out Wes Huffor’s art and talent here:

So I was C2E2 bound with no looking back!

Well now I’m back home, in California, and it’s time to take a look back.

C2E2 is only in it’s 2nd year as a Con and it’s growing up fast. Talk on the floor was that it had doubled in size from year one. I personally saw the occupancy double from Friday to Saturday and the C2E2 has lots of room for growth. The Chicago Convention Center is fraking huge and the C2E2 only takes up a small portion of the West Wing. So I never got to see the East Wing that is connected to the Hyatt Hotel on McCormick Place; which is a great place to stay with an excellent staff and a bar that didn’t realize how much geeks can really drink.

Superman, Batman, and Wesley

Wes and Wesley (this one makes me laugh)

The floor was still easy to maneuver through compared to SDCC at C2E2’s busiest moments and had a nice casualness about it. A lot of people I talked to, wandering around the floor, have only been to the C2E2; with some that would travel to a few close Cons. It’s a very low percentage of people that I met that had traveled a great distance to come to C2E2 and they seemed a little more timid then SD Comic-Coners. That excludes talent, vendors, artists, promoters and the big corporations that are here doing there thing; plus a lot of local talent represented, which is always cool to see and meet. There was a podcast section full of great podcasts (links at the end) and great people that I had a great time getting to know; and I was even invited, by Sean Whelan who is half of a DC Comics based podcast duo, to sit down for a quick discussion about my viral campaign to get WB’s Smallville to use my new single, ‘Villain or Hero'( ), in it’s long awaited series finale. You can here that interview soon at their website. Then I met the group from POP! and had a great time with that crazy group chatting it up till the early hours of the morning just before I caught a cab for O’Hare Airport. After, I had left for home they went over to interview my boy, Wes, and you should be able to see that soon.

C2E2 is not a circus, yet; and is a nice change of pace for anyone looking to promote at a different Con. Everyone was super friendly and you will walk away with new friends too. Like one of my favorite people, Steve from:

What are you looking for? I found a lot of great stuff that I wasn’t looking for and you will too.

Don’t come here looking for a big video game section, like at SDCC; or that big flamboyant corporation feel with all the bells and whistles. There is still a lot to see and lots of things going on with the usual stages here and there. There are plenty of lines that lead to top and legendary names from Marvel Comics and DC Comics; not to mention some signings from celebrities from TV and Movies.

It has all the things a Con should have. On a social level this place is amazing; because it has not got all mucked up by the big wigs, yet. However, if this Con keeps progressing and growing the way it is then the talent, people, fans, and corporate suits will follow. Get in line behind me, because I will see you all there next year. I know this place is going to get crazier year after year and crazy likes me.

What panel are you here for? I am only here for the panel for NBC’s Chuck. See clips of my experience at our YouTube. Following this blog will be my summary of the Chuck Panel.

Yep, the C2E2 has some panels for you to choose from, but not the crazy assortment that you have to plan a whole weekend around. There is a schedule conveniently spread on the side of a wall and volunteers posted near so that you can ask for directions and harass them about bacon and other random topics. Maybe that was just me, though. The major Hollywood vibe has not made it out here to this scene,so far; and I wonder if it will embrace Chicago like it has San Diego. San Diego is just a few hours for a lot of the Hollywood types and easy to come and go. I never need a reason to go to San Diego and after visiting Chicago I don’t need a reason to visit that city now; but it isn’t an hour drive from home, or 2 hours depending on traffic, and I can’t go there on a whim. However, now, I have a reason to go the same time every year to Chicago; besides all the music spots in Chicago that ROCK!

Thanks for a fun and memorable weekend C2E2! C U next year!


Down the Road Show

P.S. I already know my grammar sucks

All photos from the C2E2 Chuck Panel were provided to the Down the Road Show by Tim Glore of A.I. Press. Thank you, Tim.

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