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Castle, on ABC April 16th 2012, will reunite the bad boys of Firefly.

Since the cancelation of Chuck I have been wondering where we would see Adam Baldwin pop back up and of course the staff of Castle has responded to the social media frenzy begging for a reunion on the successful show. Chuck was on the bubble and in jeopardy every year. Castle has had a strong following and support from the network.

Adam Baldwin will appear as a guest detective on Castle and it will be a lot of fun to see him on the same show as Nathan Fillion again. Firefly is the tv show that the fans refuse to give up on and are still begging for not just another movie, but for the return of the tv show after all of these years. Last summer, at Nerd HQ, fans were asking Nathan when the other Firefly stars would get a chance to be on an episode of Castle. Of course that wasn’t exactly up to him, but it looks like somebody heard and bought into the idea. Good. Adam as a gun wielding gritty undercover detective is not much of a stretch and just might be the writers paying homage to his former character Jayne. It is no secret that Adam is a big enthusiast of fire arms and most of the characters he has played through out his career have had an affection towards gun play. I have been a big fan of the writers of Castle and the way they have utilized pop culture references over the years in their stories in small ways and as major catalysts of the story line. I’m sure they had a lot of fun writing this episode and I expect lots of tongue in cheek word play with all kinds of little jokes. Most of which, I imagine, will be geared towards Firefly fans.

“Firefly premiered in the United States on the Fox network on September 20, 2002.Despite high expectations for the Joss Whedon-led project, by mid-December 2002, Firefly had averaged only 4.7 million viewers per episode and was 98th in Nielsen ratings.[3] It was canceled after eleven of the fourteen produced episodes were aired.” Firefly Wikipedia 


I never saw Firefly when it was originally aired, but I have seen it many times in marathons and have become a fan of the show. Serenity the movie was cool too. It really did have a great cast of characters and was the reason that I watched Castle and Chuck in the first place. I just couldn’t get into V no matter how much I love Morena Baccarin. SG-A was a fun show and once again I first watched it for Jewel Staite. Summer Glau was crazy cool in The 4400, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I liked her in The Cape. Plus she was in an episode of Angel and in one of my all time favorite tv shows, Chuck.


How will Becket deal with Castle’s new attitude towards life? Is this the week she takes control and tells him how she feels?

Who cares?

Adam Baldwin is guest starring!!!!


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