I am a huge Chuck fan, but they get bigger and better than me.

I have never seen a community of fans that are more loyal. I do wonder how many of them came over from Firefly because of Adam Baldwin? My guess is a lot of them. I did. What ever the reason for tuning in…we did. Mayhem says Firefly fans are better. I say they are one and the same.

So we kept tuning in because we fell in love with a show made by nerds for nerds. The show brought out the nerds in all of us with their pop culture references, movie quotes, video games, comic con love, and all kinds of great actors from a gambit of our favorite movies & television. Unlike Firefly we were able to get more seasons, but not with out a fight. There was the Subway day that was taken way past one day. Whether it counted or not. Postcards sent to the network. Phone calls to the network. Emails to the network. Anything and everything to keep our favorite show on the air. To the point that after the announcement of the final season we still didn’t give up and even had the network president annoyed enough to release a statement. “I think Chuck’s time has come. Chuck is over. Let’s alert the masses.” he was quoted. That was pretty funny to me, but we still aren’t done. Now we are begging for a Chuck movie and maybe a Serenity 2. I’m just saying.

Chuck fan sites popped up over night and podcasts dedicated hours of talking about the show, but the fellowship of the Chuck community jumped aboard the Nerd way of life to support Zachary Levi and Adam Olsen’s favorite charity. The Nerd Machine has done a lot to raise money and awareness for Operation Smile. Operation Smile takes doctors to impoverished countries to perform surgeries for people with cleft palates. Most people take their smile for granted and this wonderful organization is giving kids & adults a reason to smile.

The Nerd Machine also gave the fans an opportunity to share their own creative work and then showed off the favorites at Nerd HQ in San Diego. A lot of funny and clever short videos out there. Nerd HQ was a lot of fun and provided cool panels that Comic Con did not. Plus it gave us Nerds a place to congregate and mingle with each other. Not to mention rub elbows with our favorite celebrities. As if that wasn’t enough they also did live broadcasts of the panels for all the Nerds that couldn’t be there. Take that Comic Con. They went above and beyond for their fans, but just because Chuck isn’t on air anymore doesn’t mean they have stopped. The Nerd Machine continues on and this summers Nerd HQ promises to be bigger and better.  I can’t wait.

So now we are drinking the crap out of Sobe in our support of Yvonne Strahovski and we wait anxiously to hear more from Zachary Levi about his new pilot, but in the mean time we can rejoice in our love of Adam Baldwin joining the Castle cast for an episode. Seeing him and Nathan Fillion together again will keep us satisfied for a little while. I know if you are reading this you probably already own every season of Chuck, but if you don’t then find a local store and buy more. (Season 5 available May) Watching Castle reminded me that I have been holding on to a special nugget of awesomeness for a while and it is now time to share it with you.

I have felt the love of the fans and their support of Down the Road Show has been extremely appreciated. I will continue to try and do right by you. Thanks for your love. You guys rock! So above is a special interview with Robbie McNeil in his office at WB in the old Chuck offices. As he suggested I left it unedited for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did interviewing him. Robert Duncan McNeil agreed to sit with Down the Road Show for 15 minutes. So Pani Duprey and myself sat down with him for a candid conversation, but time was lost on us and we went way long. There is also a special audio thanks from Robbie to the fans at the beginning. So listen closely.

Much Love and thanks to Robert’s family for letting us keep him a little late in the office that night.

Much Love to all the support we have received from you fans. Thanks. You are the reason we all do this.

K.C. Murdock
Executive Producer
and Chuck Fan

  • http://twitter.com/Mike_Mayhem Mike Mayhem

    Firefly fans are better!!!!!  These fans cheer on a show that did not even get an entire season (14 eps,) still got a movie out of it; and follow the actors in whatever venture they take!!

  • http://twitter.com/downtheroadshow K.C. Murdock

    Serenity was cool. Those same fans are the reason why Chuck even got a second season. You are correct Mayhem.

  • http://twitter.com/BenFoleyUkulele Ben Foley

    To be fair, most Chuck fans are Firefly fans… I mean, what nerd ISN’T a Firefly fan ^_^

  • Blackandredshirts

    True. Nathan Fillion was on Live with Kelly this morning and they talked about Firefly and how they are all fans of the show.